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Body Positivity Society

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Whether you love your body, hate your body or are somewhere in between, the brand new Body Positive society invites you to join us in an inclusive, non-judgemental space where we embrace our selves and our bodies regardless. 


In today's day and age we are so obsessed with image due to society's pressures and the influence of social media that so many young people are unhappy with the way they look. This creatives a negative impact on our mental well-being and results in so many people having low self-confidence.


The reason for setting up the society is to improve mental health and overall student happiness on campus and the sessions will consist of chats about our bodies and what this means to us, social nights where we will chill and watch a film or play games in a positive environment. We then aim to have at least one big outing each month where we go to a body positivity related event or something else that we feel would be beneficial to members.


The first meeting will take place on Friday 18th January at 6pm; we will be at Refreshers fair with more details about this so come and say hello! The first session will be an introduction to the society to give you some more information about what we hope to achieve and how the sessions will be run, as well as some ideas for activities and events. The regular meetings will then begin the following week on the 25th and will be every other Friday from 6-8pm after that. 


Did we mention that membership is completely FREE for the year? This is to ensure that everyone can feel the positive effects that the society will bring!


If you have any questions either email us at or message us on our Facebook page 


We'll use our Facebook page to keep you updated with everything related to the society including events, room locations and meeting times.


Introducing our wonderful committee:


President - Aaron Cahill

Vice-President - Anji Barrett-Chalk

Student Welfare - Abbie Rutherford

Events & Social - Aleksandra Wilga

Communications & Media - Megan Preece 


We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to join our exciting body positive journey together!