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Anime and Asian Media Society

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The Anime and Asian Media Society is for anyone interested in Asian media and culture, including anime, manga, film and TV. We’re a socially active society that has official meetings every Wednesday evening, these meetings are a great opportunity to meet and chat with new people whilst enjoying a variety of Asian media. We also host additional meetings and events outside of the University that include; meet-ups, gaming, cinema trips, marathon days and shopping events. In addition to this, the society offers its members the chance to attend trips to major conventions across the country, including MCM London!

The weekly meetings run on Wednesdays between 6.15-9.15pm. The first hour is focused on encouraging people to chat, whilst screening either currently airing anime or classic anime.

From 7-9pm the society follows a 3-week schedule that alternates between watching anime, an animated movie and an Asian film. These screenings are suggested and voted for by the members for the members. Feel free to come along and try it out! If you have any questions about the society please email one of the committee members located at the bottom of this page, we are always happy to help.

We also have a facebook group that we use for communication with out members, this is where we showcase events coming up, put pictures up of events passed, and let the members vote for what we watch. Search AAMS on facebook to find our page as well.


Membership is £15.50 for the year and goes towards trips and events. Membership will give you access to…

  • Social events and trips.
  • Significantly discounted conventions (including ticket, transport and accommodation)
  • Our inventory of over 180 anime, manga and movies.
  • Benefits from our sponsors.
  • The ability to vote and suggest weekly screenings.

If you’re interested in the film and TV aspect of the society, but perhaps don’t really know what anime and manga are or just aren’t that interested in them, don’t worry. Anime is simply the Japanese word for animation, and manga are the equivalent of comics and graphic novels.

Anime and manga are often burdened with misconceptions and stereotypes, such as being weird or childish. Whilst some anime and manga are aimed at younger audiences and a lot of it could certainly be considered weird, you shouldn’t feel put off. There are many critically acclaimed anime and manga (even here in the West), many of which are aimed specifically at older audiences. We’ve had many members who had little or no interest in anime finding themselves quickly enjoying the medium. There’s something for everybody, and if you’re still unsure feel free to come along with an open mind and see for yourself.


Throughout the year we visit several events known as conventions. In past years these have included Thought Bubble (Leeds), Doki Doki (Manchester), London Anime and Gaming Con and MCM London. For 2019, we really want to expand and go to some different and more exciting events. We provide transport, tickets and accommodation to all events if required. Some local events may be free (including transport and ticket), but when travelling to places like London and possibly abroad, you will have to contribute to a (discounted) accommodation cost. We try our best to get you to the biggest and best events as easily and cheaply as possible!

Watch this space for announced events for 2019-2020.

Currently announced events: not available

Here are some photos of recent events we have done in the past:


Contact details

President/Treasurer - Rissa Grant -

Vice President - Jiaqi Liu -

Internet - Chance Farrell -

Or alternatively you can contact the committee gmail account at -

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