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African Caribbean Society

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Our society is not limited to people of Afro or Caribbean descent alone as often misconstrued. It is however a society that celebrates shares and educates people about the afro-Caribbean cultures and others cultures involved. We organize fun parties, educational seminars and general team building events throughout the year. Join us and be amazed!

We are the African Caribbean Society associated with the University of Huddersfield based with West Yorkshire. The events we would organise would be intended to allow students to feel the sensation of a mutual community.


We hope to show how African and Caribbean students can be part of an enjoyable and real society with individuals that are similar. Our main concept is to carry on upholding a society of refuge and similarity in which individuals of Afro- Caribbean, and many other ethnicities can all stand together and say that they are a part of something that shows who they are as independent individuals.

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President Fiyinfoluwa Awoyemi
Vice Presdient Naomi Brown
Treasurer Arafat Idris
Events Manager Matchuela Mateus
Creative Director Bilkis Yasmin Ahmed
Events Coordinator Tia Mlotshwa

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