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3D Printing Society

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Welcome to the 3D Printing Society at The University of Huddersfield !


Our mission is to unleash innovation and creativity by materializing project ideas and designs using additive manufacturing or “3D Printing” technology, at an affordable cost.


We are a group of students from different schools at the University of Huddersfield, united by our motivation and excitement to use the 3D printing technology to add value to our student life and the community.



Feel free to contact one of our friendly committee members!




Younes Chahid


Tim Monteverde

3D Printing Specialist

Bogdan Bacila

3D Printing Specialist

Gediminas Niurka

Events and Marketing Manager

Jack Purdy

Head of 3D Design

Katie Chesworth




  • Daily: Get full assistance to use the 3D printers as requested, get support on designing for 3D printing, and where to find designs to make
  • Weekly: Join us for our weekly drop-in and training sessions where we usually work on collaborative projects.
  • Monthly: Join our industry-related talks, charity events, trips, live streams, design and printing challenges

2019/2020 plan

  • Socials:
    • Bi-weekly: Most likely we will go for “a few drinks”, depending on what our members would prefer! (As and when we can!)
  • Trainings:
    • Weekly: On-demand weekly training, fully approved trained members will be able to use the printer upon request
    • Monthly: Live streams covering various topics members can either participate or watch depending on what suits them
    • Monthly: We offer training on different aspects of 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, Design Optimisation, 3D Scanning
    • Monthly: Trainings/Presentations offered by the University Phd Researchers, Industry Experts..
  • Competitions:
    • Monthly:
      • A Designer of the Month Award will be given to the student with the best design (selected by a voting process by members)
      • Most 3D Printing User Award will be given to the student who used the 3D Printers the most
    • Per Semester: design competitions with prizes set by the SU/ external companies
  • Trips:
    • Events: You can join us and visit the industry leader in the international 3D Printing Events (TCT Show, Develop3D..)
    • Companies: We are planning to visit some local and international companies – your suggestions for trips are welcome
    • Design Inspiration trips to galleries/ museums will be organised depending on member interest
    • Collaboration with other societies for events will be encouraged
  • We will also be organising seasonal events, fundraisings, Charity events and more

You can join us and suggest your own idea and be part of the team making it real!

PREVIOUS aChievements


  • Winner of society of the year 2020!



  • Society President Damianos Thoma was awarded Society Personality of the Year at the SU Get Involved Awards
  • Nominated for Society of the Year 2019
  • Manufactured all awards for SU awards ceremony
  • Fundraised for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice
  • Delivered interactive session with children at Forget Me Not Hospice


  • Society of the year 2018 award


  • 2 Awards and 2 Nominations:
  • Society of the year 2017 award
  • National Student Opportunities NUS 2017 award
  • Nominated for Most Improved Society 2017 award
  • President nominated for personality of the year Award 
  • +250 3D printed parts
  • +35 Projects and research whether it was helping members in their dissertations, business ideas, charity, or simply materializing open source or personal designs
  • +1200 Hours of 3D Printing: By March 2017 we had a machine running rate of +10hours/day from purchasing date, while perfectly managing the maintenance. 
  • More than 22 media articles (10 internals, and  12 externa) (3 of Examiner(1st2nd3rd), 2 of HuddersfieldSU (1st2nd), BBCbp&r3DprintmachineBriefreportcopiservhappyjoyjoyT-HudNUS..)


Check out or “like” our Facebook page to keep up with our upcoming events! @Hud3DPS

Or visit our website:


Check our Instagram account gallery to get an insight of our 3D prints

We are happy to welcome anyone who is interested in this technology (both beginners and experts), and those who wants to know more about it or want to use it.

We are open to collaborate with other people and societies to enhance our student life both academically and professionally. 

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