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3D Printing Society

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Welcome to the new 3D Printing Society of Huddersfield University !

Our mission...

Our mission is to unleash students innovation and creativity by materializing their project ideas and designs using the 3D Printing Tech at a low cost.

Society members

We are a group of students from different schools of the University of Huddersfield. United by our motivation and excitement to use the 3D printing technology in order to add value to our student life and the community.


In General:

  • Daily: Get full assistance to use the 3D printer daily

  • Weekly: Join us in our socials and occasional trips

  • Monthly: Join our monthly training sessions, talks, Design/3D printing competitions and charity events



  • Awards and Nominations:
    • Society of the year 2018 award


  • 2 Awards and 2 Nominations:

    • Society of the year 2017 award

    • National Student Opportunities NUS 2017 award

    • Nominated for Most Improved Society 2017 award

    • President nominated for personality of the year Award 

  • +250 3D printed parts

  • +35 Projects and research whether it was helping members in their dissertations, business ideas, charity, or simply materializing open source or personal designs

  • +1200 Hours of 3D Printing: By March 2017 we had a machine running rate of +10hours/day from purchasing date, while perfectly managing the maintenance. 

  • More than 22 media articles (10 internals, and  12 externa) (3 of Examiner(1st, 2nd, 3rd), 2 of HuddersfieldSU (1st, 2nd), BBC, bp&r, 3Dprintmachine, Briefreport, copiserv, happyjoyjoy, T-Hud, NUS..)

2018/2019 Plan

  • Socials:
    • Bi-weekly: Decide on a socialising place, wether bar in town, activity, small trip..
  • Trainings:
    • Weekly: On demand weekly training, fully approved trained members will be able to use the printer on a daily basis
    • Monthly: We offer training on different aspects of 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, Design Optimisation, 3D Scanning..
    • Monthly: Trainings/Presentations offered by the University Phd Researchers, Industry Experts..
  • Competitions:
    • Monthly:
      • A Designer of the Month Award will be given to the student with the best design (selected by a voting process by members)
      • Most 3D Printing User Award will be given to the student who used the 3D Printers the most
    • Per Semester: A competition with juries and prices will be set
  • Trips:
    • Events: You can join us and visit the industry leader in the local international 3D Printing Events (TCT Show, Develop3D..)
    • Companies: We are planning to visit some local and international companies..
  • Other: We will also be organising seasonal events (Give it a go, refreshers..), Fundraisings, Charity events and more

You can join us and suggest your own idea and be part of the team making it real!


To keep track of our next events, please visit our website:


Check our Instagram account gallery to get an insight of our 3D prints

We are happy to welcome anyone who is interested in this technology (both beginners and experts), and those who wants to know more about it or want to use it.

We are open to collaborate with other people and societies to enhance our student life both academically and professionally.

We are Currently sponsored by the CREATE Education Project and Student's Union (previously by iMakr in 2016/2017).


Committee members

Damianos Thoma - President - 

Enejan Bendova - Head of IT -

Rhianne Hallmark - Events Manager -  

Angelo Paraschiv - 3D Printing Specialist - 

Younes Chahid - Founder and Mentor - 





Facebook page

Twitter Page 



FAQ Page    


Thanks to the first 3 co-founders of the society : Kyran Johnston-Hunt - Andrew Mullin - Lucy Andrews

*The Society is: a non profit organisation; Does not sell, encourage or take responsibility in copyrighted design issues; Forbid the 3D printing aimed to skimming, unsafe or condradict the society/university values; Made for students by students, a perfect 3d print that is 100% similar to the design is not to be expected, Get in touch to know our 3d printer limitations.