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SU Awards


Every year we're amazed at the amount of hard work and effort that goes into running our Societies and Sports Clubs.  As a prequel to the SU Awards, on Friday 22 March, we want to say thank you to more individuals and groups who make student life better through the communities they create for other students.

The Get Involved Awards are all about recognising the work that all our committed Society and Club leaders put into all these different groups throughout the year.  This could be anything - meetings, events, training, attracting new members, great skills and teamwork on the playing field, organising trips or guest speakers... and much, much more!

Along with this, there are awards recognising some key individuals and groups that have stood out or created real change within their Club or Society - or for the Huddersfield student community as a whole.

The nominations are in, and we can't wait to celebrate our winners.  Join us on Friday 22 March for the awards evening!