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Meet new people
Meet new people

The SU is home to a variety of student-led Sports Clubs and Societies, they’re a great opportunity to have some fun and another chance for you to step up and take on leadership roles in the things you care about most.


Looking to stay fit at University? We’ve got lots of student-led Sports Clubs from every corner of the sporting world to choose from, with everything from Rugby Union to Ultimate Frisbee - and you can now sign up to as many Sports Clubs as you like for amazing value with our new Hud Uni Sport Membership! Many of our Sports Clubs represent Huddersfield under the national banner of ‘BUCS’ but it’s not all about competition - we guarantee you’ll find friends for life! Click the button below to see the full list of Sports Clubs.


Become part of a community and join one or more of the Societies we’ve got in Huddersfield – we have everything from an Assassin’s Guild to Yoga. Passionate about your hobby and there isn’t a Society for it yet? You can make your own as soon as you enrol! Find the full list of Societies when you click the button below.


Looking for like-minded people to help maximise your potential? Why not be part of an academic community and join an Academic Society? We’ve got plenty to choose from, with things like trips, guest speakers and socials they’re not all about studying, but great for making friends too! Find the Society that matches your course here www.huddeby clicking below or you could start one of your own.


Want to set up your own Sports Club or Society? It's easier than you think! Check out our straightforward How-To Guide to find out more.


Getting involved in volunteering while you’re studying is not only fun and rewarding but will also serve you well in gaining those extra skills to put you above the rest. That’s why we offer training and volunteering activities throughout the academic year to help you build a stand-out CV. There are lots of amazing opportunities, with new ones added all the time. See what’s on offer by clicking below!