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Creating Global Citizens
Creating Global Citizens


The University of Huddersfield is proud to be the home of a wide variety of students differing in culture, ethnicity and language. The challenges facing International Students have been carefully researched and the University is highly committed to removing all obstacles that are preventing International students attaining their potentials. One of the challenges noted is that of a language barrier which primarily affects students from backgrounds where English is not predominantly spoken amongst many other challenges which eventually effects integration. 


The Global Student's Rep Scheme, run by one of our Inspiring Future Leaders, in collaboration with the Education Officer, could potentially change the way international students integrate into university life at Huddersfield and would provide an avenue for greater engagement with the SU and its facilities. International students, particularly those who primarily speak a foreign language, can feel isolated and misunderstood. The Scheme would endorse volunteers in the form of current students, especially those from international backgrounds and/or who speak another language apart from English, as Global Student reps.


Part of the role of a Global Student Rep is to bridge the gap which currently exists between international communities, various nationalities and the SU. This means that Global Student Reps are expected to communicate important information, as directed by the SU, from and to international students within the nationality they represent and within their scope of influence. The Global Reps will help to create a unified and diverse SU by advising the SU on how to best reflect the varied nationalities they represent in all the SU does. They would also be the first point of contact, particularly for students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds.


Global Reps who volunteer to join the Scheme will enjoy the opportunities of attending training and SU events. Furthermore, it will prove to be a unique avenue to display ethnical diversity as the speaking of varying languages is greatly encouraged. Also, all hours invested by the Global Reps into the Scheme would count as volunteer hours and each Global Rep, once they've completed a minimum number of ten hours, would receive an official certificate of recognition from the SU at the end of the year. As a Global Rep, you would have the opportunity to gain transferable skills, such as the ability to work with a diverse team and creativity, which are important for future career attainment goals. there is currently space for a maximum of 5 reps per nationality.


If you are passionate about breaking the barriers to inclusion, integration and retention for international students, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill the Google Form below and we would be in contact with you as soon as possible.