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Making Campus Green
Making Campus Green


Environmental Policy

The Students’ Union is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the natural environment and innovating in all areas of our operations to develop and maintain an environmentally responsible culture.  

Our core environmental aims are as follows:

  • To continually review our consumption levels of natural resources.
  • To reduce the overall amount of waste we create through practical recycling efforts.
  • To dispose of non-recyclable waste in ethical ways.
  • To encourage our students and staff to adopt environmentally conscious behaviours.
  • To comply with environmental legislation.
  • To continually review our suppliers and encourage ethical standards across the board.
  • To minimise the effect of travel on the local environment by encouraging environmentally friendly commuting alternatives.

We have recently undertaken a review of the SU's environmental impacts to determine future policy. This can be found here – Aspects & Impacts - Green Impact.


Recent Campaigns

Each academic year we look to introduce new campaigns to reinforce our core environmental values.

In September 2015, our Advice Centre conducted a Student Travel Survey to determine the means by which our students travel to campus and offered useful tips on not only how to stay safe during commutes, but also environmentally friendly alternatives. As 19% of Huddersfield's students currently use a car to get to campus, we aim to encourage this large segment to seek out cleaner travel options. 

We’ve also laid the groundwork for our own contribution to the national NUS #SnapItOff campaign which launches March 3rd across all of our primary communication channels. With the support of our students through social media, we aim to raise awareness of unnecessary energy use and lobby local businesses (alongside the University) to cut down.

On Friday 4th March our #KickTheButts campaign launches, as we gather 16 student volunteers to pick clean the campus grounds of cigarette butts. Although we already encourage the correct disposal of cigarette butts in the appropriate external bins, we believe there’s still room for improvement and a student-led initiative will set a powerful precedent.


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