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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Are you a budding entrepreneur?

Get stuck in to Global Entrepreneurship week here at Huddersfield SU!

Global entrepreneurship week is a worldwide initiative that brings a collection of events and competitions every November to inspire, educate and encourage people to explore their potential as an entrepreneur while making connections. Innovation is driven by diversity and when any community is faced with under-representation in certain areas or face structural barriers, that community or ecosystem suffers.

As part of one of his objectives our president is working with various partners to put on events through theweek to educate, inspire and encourage students within the Huddersfield University community to explore their potentials around being entrepreneurs as well as build relevant skills for the future. For students who do various things with us at the SU e.g Academic Reps, Society Leaders, Student Staff etc; they are also gaining entrepreneurial skills. So, come around, ask questions, get involved and you might find out that idea in your head is simply an untapped or unexplored entrepreneurial initiative the world needs right now.

We have four great events for you to take part in, for whioch you can find all the info below!