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Elections 2020

Elections: Your Application Guide

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What's this all about then?

Huddersfield Students’ Union is led by a team of Executive Officers, who decide on the direction of the organisation, and what the priorities are for the coming year. There are five different Officer roles:

  • President – this is the person who leads the Exec team. They are the key representative of all Huddersfield students at all levels, both on and off campus, and have a central role on guiding the engagement work which takes place at the Students’ Union.
  • Education Officer – this Officer works with the University and academic reps to make sure that students have a great academic experience at Huddersfield, and to represent students externally on education issues and policy.
  • Equalities Officer – this is the officer who leads on how we celebrate the diversity of our students, and make sure campus is open and accessible for all. They promote and campaign on equality and wellbeing issues, and are the key officer for all our student network groups.
  • Community Officer – this Officer represents you all to the local community, leading on how we engage with students in halls, and commuters coming from other areas. They are also the lead officer on environmental issues.
  • Activities Officer – this is the officer who works with all our activity groups to provide and develop opportunities for everyone to make the best of their time at Huddersfield.

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Why should I apply?

Putting yourself forward to be an Officer is a great opportunity to do something really interesting and unusual with your career….

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What have people achieved in the past?

Lots of change on campus has come about through campaigning from Exec Officers, and usually with ideas from students. This would include things like introducing lecture capture, tackling the black attainment gap through the BAME Ambassadors, the crossing by Queensgate, a new student charter, translating the student regulations, creating a KidsZone in the SU, an art regeneration project in the local community, extending mental health training, the 3-week feedback guarantee, campaigning against the closure of the local hospital, ‘social prescribing’ of clubs and societies to support students with mental health difficulties, allowing hot drinks in the library, extension of the laptop loan scheme – the list is endless! 

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How do I apply?

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button, and just let us have your name, student number, and the role you’d like to apply for. 

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What happens next?

Everyone who applies for a role will have to come to a compulsory candidate briefing session on Monday 10 February at 5.30pm (NUS Conference Delegates will have a separate meeting at 5.00pm) where we will let you know some of the key dates and actions over the coming period.

The main thing is that you will be put forward for the election, and let the student body choose which candidates they think would make the best Officers.

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When can I start campaigning?

Any time! You can get started right now…. 

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What support do I get?

Staff at the Students’ Union are on hand to help you out along the way. They can help you out with finding out which is the best role for you, information about life on campus, and suggestions about next steps

During voting itself, we will make sure that you have somewhere to rest, 

You will get some financial help as well – we will reimburse you for up to £20 you may wish to spend, on production of your receipts. You do not have to spend any more than this!

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Will it cost me loads of money?

It doesn’t have to. We will reimburse you for up to £20, on production of your receipts. You can also spend up to £50 of your own money, which would not be reimbursed. You do not need to do this though!

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Who can help me? Do I need a team of people?

If you can rope in some friends to help you with your campaign, that would be great. You can have up to 10 campaigners at any time. They will need to register with the SU each time they go out campaigning on your behalf. You are responsible for the conduct of your campaigners whilst they’re campaigning for you.

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When do students vote?

These are the three days when you need to get the most people to vote for you as you can!

Voting will open on Monday 2 March at 12pm, and will close on Wednesday 4 March at 12pm.

Students can vote on their own mobile devices, so they can vote anywhere they like.

There will also be voting stations in the Schwann Atrium, outside the SU shop (on University Square or indoors depending on the weather!) and in a number of other locations on campus at varying times, to be confirmed.

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When will we get the results?

The results will be announced at the Elections Results Night Party from 6pm on Thursday 5 March.

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What will happen at the Candidate Briefing?

Quite a few things:

  • Welcome and introduction, where you will meet all the other candidates, and relevant staff members who can help you along the way.
  • Some training on campaigning
  • A discussion with the CEO, Rebekah, about HSU and the new strategy
  • An explanation of the election rules
  • You will have your photo taken
  • Some admin – we will ask you to fill out a couple of forms, and check any questions you might have

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What are the rules?

You can find a copy of the rules here

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What if I lose?

It’s a sad reality that most candidates will lose. Being a candidate in the election is still a great experience, and you will learn so much about yourself, and hopefully have a fantastic time getting to know your fellow students.

After the election, we will be in touch to chat to you about how best to reflect on this experience in the future, such as at job interviews, or how to get involved with elements of the SU you have found out more about.

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What if I Win?

Then amazing! You have a fantastic new job from June! We will definitely be in touch inviting you to events, and to chat about training before you start your new role on 1 July 2019.

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