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The Students' Union is run for students, by students. This February we will be holding elections to decide our new Officer team, this is your chance to stand for the position of an Officer if you think you would be a great fit one of our five exciting roles. Each Officer role has a specific focus to make sure that the team is well balanced and ready to deal with any issues students might have.


The President is the face and voice of Huddersfield students, both on campus and nationally. The President leads the Union’s democratic functions, makes sure that the Union is in touch with students, and works closely with the University to make sure they are listening to you. The President is also responsible for the Union’s development and strategy.


The Community Officer helps students get involved in the local community and make sure students can make a positive impact during their time in Huddersfield. They will help build links with local organisations and help students with volunteering and fundraising. They’ll also get to focus on student housing and safety, and help students lead the way in environmental issues.


The Education Officer is responsible for building close links with the University, making sure they address academic issues raised by students. You will need to communicate effectively with the network of Course Reps to make sure you know what’s happening on campus, and you will need to work closely with Union staff to develop training and support for student reps. You will develop the Union’s education policy, and lead on any campaigns the Union runs on education issues.


The Equalities Officer leads on helping under-represented groups get their voices heard on campus, and leading the liberation work of the Union. The Equalities Officer will also lead on the Union’s welfare policy, working closely with the Union’s Advice Centre, but also with University and local services to make sure students get the support they need. They’ll also drive forward campaigns on things such as student mental and sexual health.


This is a pretty fun role, and is ideal if your experience of clubs and societies has shaped your time at University. The Activities Officer starts the year by working closely with the staff team in organising Freshers’ Week, encouraging participation from all the Union’s clubs and societies. Beyond Freshers’, you also support on the SU Awards, and lead on Varsity! Not only this, but the Activities Officer also gets to support clubs and societies throughout the year, including all the Union’s Media Groups.


We also have four SAE rep positions up for nomination, click here for more information