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SU Updates and FAQs

Lots of students are in touch with us about what is happening next academic year. The truth at the moment is we're not sure!, but we feel like it's important to be transparent and keep you all informed. Here's what we know so far...

The University campus will be open in September for teaching and research to take place. However, we know lots of you are concerned about how it will work, what online teaching might look like and how to be productive if you're studying at home. We've compiled all of your feedback and sent it to the University with some key recommendations:

  • Ensure that any changes to modules are communicated early, and without additional or extra costs;
  • Improve student communications, with a key contact to answer enquiries;
  • Outline specific plans for returning to campus, reassuring those who are currently abroad, and those who are shielding themselves or family members;
  • Ensure that students relying on public transport have options for flexiblity.

Q. Does this mean Freshers' Week will be different?

We know this isn’t how you planned to make your grand entrance to university, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fill your schedule with fun things to do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to commute or sorting out your student accommodation, September is where we get to show you how we can make your life better. We’ll introduce you to campus in true Huddersfield Uni style with our virtual Welcome Festival!

Whatever Freshers looks like this year, there’s sure to be tonnes of opportunities to meet new people and make friends, as well as bag yourself some free stuff from local businesses and customise your uni experience with our wide range of Sports Clubs and Societies

We’re still tweaking this years’ programme but keep an eye on our social media and website and the full schedule will be dropped on A-level Results Day!

Q. Should I book accommodation for September?

The University will not be releasing timetables until much nearer the start of Term 1 in September. We would suggest getting in touch with the HudLets team, who will be making it clear whether your contract has any flexiblity in.

Q. What will sport be like during 2020/21?

It is difficult to give an answer that covers everything, however we know that sport will be returning sport by sport, dependent on the sport and the guidance surrounding this.

We know that the 2020/21 BUCS season will not start until January 2021. We envisage that contact sports will return throughout term 1, when it is safe to do so.

Other sports, that more easily allow for social distancing may come back at the start of term 1.

The best thing to do is make contact with the committee of the sport you’re interested in, so that they know that you’re interested and we’ll communicate via the committees when their sport will return.

Q. What will joining a society or academic society be like during 2020/21?

Societies and academic societies are planning online events and activities for term 1. We are hoping that January onwards will allow for physical events, activities and trips to take place.

Q. How much will it be to join a Sports Club and when can I do this?

Our memberships will be live on our website from Monday 7 September. This coincides with our virtual Welcome Festival too!

We run a Sporty for Forty membership system, which means that you can join more than one sports club for a one off fee (dependent on whether the sports club has a coach or not)

However, this year due to sports returning at different times, the system will not be automated! Membership fees for Sports clubs for 2020/21 will range between free and £80. You will not pay more than £80.

The membership fee set will take in to account how much sport is likely to be played. For example, if you wish to pay football, this membership is usually £60, however if the sport doesn’t return to normal until say November, then this membership fee will be set lower than £60.

If you join one club and wish to join a second or even 3rd or 4th, then you need to email and we will manually give you a membership and let you know if there is anything else to pay.

Q. How much will it be to join a society or academic society and when can I do this?

All our society memberships for 2020/21 will be FREE! They’ll go live on our website from Monday 7 September. This coincides with our virtual Welcome Festival too!

We also do auto-enrolment into academic societies, this means that if you are studying on a course that has an academic society associated with it, we’ll automatically give a free membership to this academic society! This usually happens at the end of September/start of October.

If you wish to join an academic society that isn’t associated to your course, you can do this via our website, like you would for a hobby, interest and faith society – this will also be completely FREE!

Q. I have a question relating to sports clubs/societies/academic societies/memberships, who do I contact?

Please send your question through to