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Assessment FAQs

You can find a full breakdown of information on the University webpages

I need to submit ECs, what do I do?
The entire EC process can be managed online so you should follow the usual procedure. The University are aware of the difficulty in gaining medical evidence to support your claims during this time. Registry are reviewing applications without supporting evidence related to covid-19, on a case-by-case basis.

If you fall ill during an online examination or you experience any technical problems whilst taking an examination then you must make your Module Leader aware and obtain evidence where you can (i.e. a screenshot for a technical issue or an email to the Module Leader on the day of the assessment) at the earliest opportunity, to confirm you could not have continued with the examination. In addition, you must also submit a claim for an EC including the evidence you have gathered within 5 working days of the exam.  

If students are deferred through ECs to take another attempt in 2020/21, what form of assessment should they take?
The regulations state that a second assessment opportunity will be available to all candidates using the same method as the original assessment. This applies to students with ECs trailing an outstanding assessment opportunity into the following academic year. It does not apply to students who fail and are required to repeat with attendance.

If my assessment mode has now changed, can I be assured that it still meets the aims and learning outcomes of my original assessment? 
All assessments (whether it be coursework or an exam) which have had to be altered due to covid-19 have been robustly validated to ensure the learning outcomes are met and that a suitable alternative has been devised for the module in question. If one of your module(s) has an alternative assessment, the specific details will have been communicated with you. The University have ensured this process has been thorough as part of their validation processes, therefore you cannot submit a claim for ECs or appeal your alternative assessment grade based on the fact you are not happy with the grade or the type of assessment given. If you are unable to complete your assessment with good reason then you need to submit an EC form with evidence as soon as possible. 

This is the first time I have done an online assessment, what happens if I don’t do well due because of the change in circumstances? 
Your School will provide you with the information as to how to complete the specific online assessment, so please get in touch with them if you have any questions about the altered format. The University are still enforcing the fit to sit policy, so, if you have any doubts that you will not be able to complete your online assessment to the best of your ability you will need to submit an EC form as soon as possible, before the assessment is due. The University will send out information on the fit to sit policy in relation to the new online assessment structure, prior to the online assessment period. Please note that as soon as you download the exam paper / submit for an assessment you have declared yourself ‘fit to sit’. In this case, you will not be able to submit an EC form unless you have evidence to prove you were not in complete control of your own decision making at the time of the assessment.  

What are the expectations on staff and students in an open book exam?
Staff should provide clear instructions and for a module leader to be available when the open book period starts (as they would for a closed book exam) to deal with any opening matters of clarification /correction of errors which should be shared on Brightspace so the whole cohort is aware (to mirror anything which would be said in an exam room). 
Students should appreciate that staff will not be available all the time. However, the module leader will indicate the hours in which they will be available to answer points of clarification. These will normally be standard office hours, although staff may offer alternative arrangements to fit with their own flexible working needs. 

Once students have accessed the exam and set to work, they should get on with it on their own.  Any technical problems or other emergencies which arise in the course of the 24 hour period will be dealt with through the EC process.

How will fit to sit apply to the open book exams?
If a student downloads the exam paper, then this will be considered as acknowledgement that the student confirms they are fit to sit.  If there are any technical problems or other emergencies which arise in the course of the 24 hour period which affect your ability to complete the assessment then you must submit an extenuating circumstances claim as soon as possible. Advice on the extenuating circumstance process can be found on our website: Extenuating Circumstances. 

If I am unsure of a new assessment format or an emergency regulation for covid-19, what should I do?
If you have a query about any of the above please contact the relevant department below:
•        Alternative assessments: Please contact your school in the first instance
•        Emergency regulations:
The results appeals process should not be used to raise general complaints or queries related to your course or assessments. Registry will circulate appeal communication prior to the CAB season and any appeals which have been submitted in error will be re-directed to more appropriate regulations, if appropriate. In addition, please note that late appeals on grades achieved in the previous academic year will not be upheld, unless there is circumstantial evidence which can adequately support the proposed claim.