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COVID-19 Support Group

We've started a support group over on Facebook for you to share how you're feeling, your coping strategies and ask for help if you need it. Think of it as a stand-in for our SU reception. You can join by clicking this link.


HSU's Big Night In!

Every Friday night at 19:00, we have a themed quiz on our Instagram stories! Grab a drink, tag a mate and let us know what themes you want us to do next... See what we're up to on Instagram here.


HSU Neighbours Book Club

Our wonderful HSU Neighbours team have set up a virtual book club on Facebook! They're sharing their favourite books and asking you to do the same, why not use this as a way to get back into reading for pleasure? You could even talk about your favourite Netflix specials, just share the joy! Join them over here.


Get creative!

We're lucky to be in a place where creativity is embedded into the community, stay tuned to find out how you can get involved with Creative Kirklees from the comfort of your own home! Find out more over here.

Why not check out these creative workshops run by S2R Kirklees?


Wellness and Exercise

Team Hud have some great tools you can use for both exercise and wellness. To sign up to their wellness tool, just click this link to make an account and download the My Wellness app. If it's classes you're after, there's everything from HIIT to mindfulness over here.

if that's not for you - no sweat! Why not get dancing with live sessions from Camel Club?


Stay in Touch

You can always get in touch via social media with any ideas of what you want us to do or if you'd like us to share anything. Stay up to date with what's happening over on Twitter.