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Lots of you have left Huddersfield, moving out of your accommodation. You were worried about not being able to afford your rent or wasting money for a room you couldn’t use.

We’ve spoken to all the major Halls providers, and HudLets are talking to all the private Landlords. Already 5 of those have told us you can leave your contract early, saving you lots of money.

We’re still working with DIGs, so if you are a student currently renting with them you will need to contact their office directly by emailing

We’ve written an open letter to the Vice Chancellor expressing our concerns about DIGs, particularly given they are the University approved accommodation supplier.

We're disappointed that they have only offered a 50% reduction in charges for students who will not be using their accommodation in Term 3. This is particularly unsatisfactory when the other major Halls accommodation providers including Host, iQ and Hello Student are providing a 100% refund to students.


Safety Net Policy

Thousands of you signed a petition saying you wanted more protection in your studies during these uncertain and anxious times.

After many conversations with the University Senior Management Team, we’re pleased to say the University has introduced their ‘Safety Net’ policy. We’ve guaranteed that your school will give you at least 3 weeks notice for any online exams, and that you’ll have 24 hours to complete the assessment at a time that suits you.


Nursing Students

Nursing students were worried about what happens with Placements and continuing to be around patients.

The nursing department has committed to running daily Zoom meetings to answer any questions and have introduced a weekend rota for staff to support students out on placement Your Officer Team have written to local MP, Barry Sheerman, asking for him what the Government are doing to support student nurses financially.

If you're a nursing student and want to tell us about your expeirences please fill in our survey online.


NUS Safety Net Campaign

The National Union of Students have launched their Student Safety Net campaign. We want to hear from you about your thoughts on this.

Anyone who wants to should be able to repeat this year of studies, at no additional cost. Anyone who has paid fees through the student loan system should have their debt for this year written off – and if you’ve paid upfront, you should get that reimbursed.



You told us you were disappointed that the University had cancelled Graduations

We made sure that July graduation ceremonies are postponed, not cancelled - guaranteeing you all a day to celebrate your amazing achievements.