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Commuter Students

We know that about half of Huddersfield students don’t live in halls or shared student accommodation. Instead, you live in your own home, or with your parents or other family. OK, so you might be jealous of your coursemates rolling out of bed and into classes, but that lifestyle isn’t for everyone! Commuting to Uni is great for staying close to your family and friends, juggling with work life, and helping you cope with the whirlwind that is 24-hour campus life.

If you’re planning to commute to uni, or are here already, there are lots of things you need to think about that won’t even trouble some of your classmates’ minds. Here are some top tips from us:

  • Make the most of your commute – you might be spending a fair chunk of your day sitting on a bus or train, or behind the wheel of your car or bike. So dig out your favourite tunes, download a podcast, borrow a book from the library, find a few more interesting people to follow on Twitter, and just relax. If public transport is your thing, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on some Uni reading so you don’t waste any precious time!


  • Keep an eye on your stuff – you probably won’t have your accommodation close by, so you’ll have to carry everything you need for the day around with you. It might be tempting to stick your bag under a desk whilst you go for a coffee, but don’t be the reason a building gets evacuated!


  • Buy a reusable travel cup – If you’re on the move, and your uni days are a bit longer than some others on your course, you’re going to need to keep hydrated, and probably a bit of a lift with some caffeine! Not only will you be doing your bit for the planet, using a re-usable cup will get you a 25p discount off hot drinks at the SU shop!


  • Don’t think that you’re not ‘doing student life properly’. There is no one way to be a student – whatever works for you is right! You can get involved with the Students’ Union as much or as little as you like. If you can’t stay after classes, try joining in with lunchtime activities. If you’re not often on campus, join some of our online communities, or consider submitting Big Ideas to make any changes you want to see!

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Here are some handy links that should help you with your life commuting to Uni:

Car parking

Very close to the university:

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Travelling by bus


Cycling to university*&cyclelocks=on&submit=Find+parking (30 covered bike stands)


Motorbike parking information


Local Taxi services

Ex- Service -01484 421111

A1 - 01484 541111

Huddersfield Taxi’s - 01484 512512

Diamond Taxis - 01484 455455