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Student Activities
Key Dates 2019-20


Date/Month Activity
August 2019

Thursday 1st August onwards: Students to take out new memberships.

Monday 5th August: Get Involved Committee for 2019-20 starts.

September 2019

Monday 9th September: Get Involved Committee Conference

Monday 23rd September: Welcome Fair Day 1

Tuesday 24th September: Welcome Fair Day 2

October 2019 Wednesday 2nd October: BUCS Training (Sport Clubs only)
November 2019

Monday 4th November: Get Involved Committee Conference

Tuesday 5th November: 1st Sports Club Forum

Tuesday 5th November: 1st Society Forum

Tuesday 26th November: SU Officer Elections Nominations Open

December 2019

Tuesday 10th December: 2nd Sports Club Forum

Tuesday 10th December: 2nd Society Forum

January 2020  
February 2020

Tuesday 4th February: 3rd Sports Club Forum

Tuesday 4th February: 3rd Society Forum

Friday 7th February: SU Officer Elections Nominations Close

March 2020

Monday 2nd March: SU Officer Elections Voting Opens

Thursday 5th March: SU Officer Election Results Night

Wednesday 18th March: Committee Elections Nominations Opens

Friday 20th March: Get Involved Awards

Wednesday 25th March: Varsity

April 2020

Tuesday 21st April: 4th Sports Club Forum

Tuesday 21st April: 4th Society Forum

Wednesday 22nd April: SU Awards

Wednesday 22nd April: Committee Elections Nominations Closes

Monday 27th April: Committee Elections Voting Opens

Thursday 30th April: Committee Elections Voting Closes

May 2020

Friday 1st May: Committee Elections Results Announced

Committee Handover Period: Complete

Committee Handover Form

June 2020 Monday 1st June: Get Involved Committee Conference (for 2020-21)
July 2020 Friday 31st July: End of membership