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Student Activities
Grant Funding Information

Grant funding requests will be dealt with on a weekly basis via submission of an online form in the committee toolkit. The online form is designed so you can quickly and easily tell us what funding you will be requiring for your Sports Club or Society, what it will be used for, when you will be spending your money, and how much you will need to request.


Information in brief:

  • Submit grant request form as soon as possible.
  • You will be contacted about the details of your request and whether it needs changing.
  • Your request will be discussed at a weekly meeting on Friday at 11:00 which you are welcome to attend.
  • You will then be contacted about whether your request was approved or rejected.
  • This money will be removed from your society account if not spent by the agreed date.

See below for more information about the process. The Grant Funding Request form can be found here in the committee toolkit:

Once your form has been submitted a member of the Activities Team will contact the person who submitted the form to quickly talk through your request. They may advise that some parts of your request need changing in order for it be approved. They may also say that everything you have requested seems fine. The member of the Activities Team will also discuss the date by which the money would be spent if it was to be approved.

The final thing they will do is confirm at which meeting your request will be discussed; the earlier in the week you make your request the more likely it is to be discussed on the Friday.

Each Friday morning at 11:00, the Get Involved Committee meets to discuss all the requests for that week. Information you have discussed with the activities team will also be shared at the meeting, in order to inform decisions. The meeting is open to all students, please contact us ( if you are wishing to attend.

The Get Involved Committee will approve or reject the requests. The decisions will be fed back to you to by one of the Activities Team. When a member of the Activities Team feeds back regarding to an approved request, the date by which the money will be spent will be confirmed again. If this date passes and the money hasn’t been spent, then the money will be removed from the club/society account and the club/society will have to request the money again.

As a guide, the following are requests that usually are approved or rejected:

Usually approved:

· Essential equipment for running your club or society.

· Facility hire, based on a 22 week year.

· Essential event costs, such as reasonable costs for external speakers.

· Essential transport costs in the UK.

· Entry/ticket fees, up to £20 per person.

· Reasonable costs for workshops.

· Promotional materials, up to £75.

· Tea, coffee & snacks – for larger events. For smaller events this can be borrowed from the SU.

Usually rejected:

· Personal items – Things like hoodies, leisurewear, any other sports equipment are non-essential items.

· Accommodation.

· Tea and coffee – can use the SU’s tea and coffee box.

· Alcohol.

· Replacement kit and equipment, due to misuse and or negligence.

The final decision is made by the Get Involved Committee. The above are guidelines only and isn’t exhaustive. Money will only be funded for events and activities that align with our values as the Students’ Union.