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Student Activities
Give it a Go

One great way to advertise your sports club or society and to increase membership numbers is to run a Give it a Go event. These events are intended as a taster session for your sports club or society. Alternatively, you could organise a Give it a Go event to cover something fun and different from what your sports club or society does. Either way they’re another way for you to recruit new members! They’re free and can be publicised to the full HSU community via our social media channels, therefore widening your reach to potential new members!

Running a Give it a Go event will also tick off one of the Achieving Committee Excellence criteria for your sports club or society – even more reason to organise one. How do I organise a Give it a Go event?

1. Have a think about what you’d like to organise. Is it a taster session directly linked to what your sports club or society does or is it something different?

2. Once you have your idea, work out what dates and times work for you and where you’d like to hold it. (Each Wednesday, between 12pm and 2pm the Sports Hall is available for GIAG sessions. This space isn’t just open to Sports Clubs – any Society or Academic Society can use this space too!)

3. Complete the simple Events form on our Committee Toolkit online and submit your idea to the activities team:

On Campus Event

Off Campus Event/Trip

Online Event


4. A member of the Activities Team will be in contact with you to discuss your idea and help you make it a reality

5. Once the details have been sorted, we will help you ‘brand up’ your event and put it online as an event for people to sign up to

6. We’ll help you share the link to the event on social media