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For 2019-20 the Activities Team has a pool of photographers available to go out and document your events and activities. This means the photos can be used for your sports club or societies recruitment of members and we as an SU can use them to celebrate and highlight all the exciting activities and events that our students take part in!


How do I book a photographer?

You need to book a photographer the same way as you’d book equipment, using the equipment booking form. Complete all the details about your activity/event and then select ‘photographer’ from the list of options at the bottom of the form. Once this request has been submitted, the activities team will organise this with you. Please submit this form at least 2 weeks before the date of your event.


Sports Membership

It is very important for all sports club members to take out the correct level of membership via Sporty for Forty. Not only so that we all know how many members we have, but also that members are covered by Elite Membership Insurance. This is a group personal accident insurance policy. It provides cover in the event of accidental death or serious injury and a range of other covers including dental injuries, broken bones, physiotherapy and hospital stay, all following an accident whilst participating in or attending any activity recognised by and under the auspices of the Group Policyholder.

During 2018-19 there was a case of a student who was injured whilst playing for the men’s football team. The injury meant that the student couldn’t work and he received a pay out of £1,950. Please ensure everyone taking part in your sports club have bought their 2019-20 membership.


Gym Membership

When you take out your Sporty for Forty membership, you are eligible to take advantage of a huge 50% discount off Gym membership with TeamHud, allowing you make use of the gym, classes and performance suites for just £60! This means that for £100* you can join as many sports clubs as you wish AND join the gym!

*£120 if your sports club includes a coach (£60 sports membership & £60 gym membership).

To take advantage of this offer, just take your email confirming your 2019-20 Sports membership, down to TeamHud when you sign up for your gym membership.


What Happens if my Sports Club/Society Folds?

In the event that your membership drops and you don’t have enough members to keep a committee together then you may decide to fold your sports club/society. This will be sad times indeed. Although, before you get to this point, we will work with you and support you to try and avoid this from happening. Please do get in touch if you need support and advice!

However, there will be some questions, especially with regards to any money left in your club/society account as this money cannot be handed out to members as the money has been paid in for the club/society. In this case the money will stay in the account and if, after 12 months, the club/society hasn’t re-ratified then the money will be put in to the general pot for sports clubs and societies to bid from.