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Student Activities

Achieving Committee Excellence in 2020/21, could not be simpler as we’ve reviewed the 2019/20 criteria and made it easier to follow through the academic year! The idea behind the Achieving Committee Excellence scheme is to help you put on even better activities and events as well as making them accessible to even more people.

The Activities Co-ordinators will be keeping track of how each of our societies or sports clubs are doing before awarding the various levels of success. Each level of Achieving Committee Excellence met means a prize for the committee or society/sports club as a whole.

Once a level is met, the logo for that stage will be placed on your webpage and can be used by you on your social media. The different levels of Achieving Committee Excellence are:

- Achieving Committee Excellence (ACE)

- Achieving Committee Excellence Gold (ACE Gold)

- Achieving Committee Excellence Platinum (ACE Platinum)




- Ratification or confirmation that your Activity Group is continuing

- Presence on social media (2 out of the 3 below)

· Facebook page

· Instagram page

· Twitter page

- Page on SU Website up-and-running

· Links to social media pages

· Committee contact details

- Committee accessing training (via Brightspace and bookable sessions)

- Committee to have got memberships on SU website

· Sports – Sporty for Forty

· Societies – Free for 2020/21 (still need to get memberships on the website)

· Academic Societies – auto-enrolled

- Hold a team meeting (as a committee)

· To establish plan for the year, plan shared with the SU


Prize – To be able to apply for funding


ACE Gold

- Hold regular events during Term 1, for example:

· Give It A Go events

· Guest Speaker events

· Training sessions (sport clubs, where possible)

- Committee represented at the Students' Union Annual General Meeting (AGM)

- Implement Inclusivity Toolkit ideas

· Pick 2 items from the inclusivity toolkit

- Update page on SU website

· Photos of recent events

- Regular contact/communication with coordinator from SU

· Email/meetings/phone calls

· Attend Coffee, Cake & Committee forums


Prize - £10 Amazon Voucher per Committee Member


ACE Platinum

- Hold a Charity/Fundraising event

· Book on to our Charity Week (end of February)

- Engage with SU Officer Elections

· Encourage members to vote

· 100% of committee members to vote

· Endorse candidates

- Achieved Group of the Month

· Society of the Month

· Academic Society of the Month

· Sports Club of the Month

- Hold online committee elections

· Encourage members to apply for committee positions

· Encourage members to vote in committee elections


Prize - £100 added to Group Account