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Campaigning for change
campaigning for change

Huddersfield Students’ Union is launching Liberation Campaign Networks. We aim to stand with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), disabled, women and LGBTQ+ students all across campus.

The aim of the campaign networks is to lead campaigns as an authentic network to make change. These network groups will work together to ensure intersectionality of campaigns and ensure their identities are liberated together.

It is important to recognise the differences and uniqueness of every group.

The Women’s Campaign is for all women (trans, cis and intersex) and non-binary people, including those with complex gender identities who associate in some way with the term women as well as those who experience misogyny. On the centenary year that some women earned the right to vote in the UK, the Students’ Union wants to create a Womens Campaign to tackle the issues that face women in today’s society and move towards a world where women are empowered to challenge misogyny.

We believe that everyone is equal and their voices are important and deserve to be heard.

So, if you are one (or more) of these:

  • BAME Ambassadors
  • Disabled Students
  • LGBTQ+ Students
  • Women Students

and you want to help campaign for equality for all then apply below