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We support students to campaign on a range of issues that affect students both on campus and in the wider community.  We're not party political, but we are political for students.

We use a number of campaign techniques, it’s not all posters and placards, and we aim to make sure that as many students as possible can get involved in campaigns. It's a lot easier to get going in campaigning than you might think - and we have a range of Officers and Staff who are here to support you in making a positive change for students.

What a campaign is

  • Campaigning is about making tangible change to law, policy, behaviour or practice.
  • Campaigning is about identifying the source of a problem, who has the power to change it, then mobilising and organising actions to influence or force the change you want to see.

What a campaign isn't

  • Raising money for a charitable cause. If you’re interested in doing something for charity, check out our volunteering and fundraising pages.
  • Anything that breaks the law. Your Students’ Union will not support any campaign that plans to do anything illegal.

What a campaign should be

  • A part of or run by our Student Networks. To find out more about these networks, click here.
  • Affiliated with a Sports Club or Society. You can find the full list of Sports Clubs and Societies here.

Please see below a selection of the campaigns that we've run.



Resources to Help You Campaign

Local Government Resources: