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Closing the Gap
Developing Diversity

Diversifying the curriculum is no small task. The BAME ambassadors told us that the lack of role models and curriculum content that they could identify with was limiting their education. In order to start diversifying the curriculum, the BAME Ambassadors identified that lack of diversity of authors on students reading lists.

Jonathan Stephen, the 2018/19 President, linked up with the library to discuss the diversity of reading lists and they then provided the BAME ambassadors access to all module reading lists. From this we carried out an audit of reading lists of over 100 different module reading lists and the diversity of over 1250 authors.

The findings weren’t surprising. On average, each school’s authors on the reading lists were 72% - 86% white in comparison to 3% - 7% non-white*.

Due to these results, the BAME ambassadors created and delivered the results to academics throughout the broaden my bookshelf campaign called Developing Diverse Reading Lists.

They wanted academics to:

  • Look into the history of your curriculum.
  • Speak to your students and ask them to suggest reading from BAME authors.
  • Know your attainment gap by school and by course.
  • Add books by BAME authors to your list and use platforms like
  • Work with your subject librarian to diversify your reading list.
  • Use positive images and examples from a range of cultures and include texts and readings which reflect a diversity of perspectives that are free of negative stereotyping or assumptions.
  • Collaborate with #HudReads to share diverse books to read for pleasure.

Are you interested in finding out more? Do you think your curriculum needs to be more diverse? Have you got an idea about how to diversify your curriculum? Contact Raphaella Ward (