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Closing the Gap
Closing the gap

The University of Huddersfield has a diverse student body, including Black, Asian, Arabic and other minority ethnic students. We use the term BAME to refer to students that are of, but not excluded to, Asian, Arabic, Chinese or Afro-Caribbean descent. As a Students’ Union, it is important to explore the student experience and gain insight into particular challenges that students face. The Attainment Gap is the difference between UK white students achieving a First or 2:1 degree in comparison to UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. The BAME attainment gap is a growing concern in universities and here, at The University of Huddersfield, we have 25.5% gap between UK white students and UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students achieving a First Class Honours. We want to make sure we are supporting and empowering you to close the attainment gap and have a successful learning experience here at Huddersfield.

We're looking for passionate and motivated students to become BAME Ambassadors to ensure that BAME students are heard, better represented and voice their views from a position of authenticity. Not sure what different terms mean? Check out our Be Brave With Language sheet.

If you become a BAME Ambassador, here are some of the activities you will be involved in:

  • Participate in committee and equality, diversity and inclusion training (with Ilyas Nagdee, current NUS Black Students Officer) 
  • Seats at school committees and senior committees to negotiate BAME attainment.
  • Diversifying reading lists.
  • Creating empowerment and growth workshops for BAME students.
  • Why is my Curriculum White? campaign.
  • Provided with a space to negotiate BAME challenges on campus with peers.
  • Enhance your CV and employability skill set.

Here are just some of the activities/changes the BAME Ambassadors have secured over the year:

  • Delivered a session at the Universities annual Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Fed into Teaching and Learning Committees
  • Introduced the Inclusive Participation Policy as part of the training for student groups
  • Influenced the development of the Investing in Ethnicity and Race Maturity Matrix
  • Developed an online tracker of changes made
  • Delivered focus group on the BSC name change
  • Spurred on the recreation of the BAME staff network
  • Provided feedback from BAME students on mental health and wellbeing, placements, safety on campus and hate crime reporting
  • Reading List Audit completed and presented at Broaden My Bookshelf Campaign
  • Raised over £700 for charities linked with BAME issues
  • Ran 3 campaigns that engaged over 500 students throughout the year focussing on Islamophobia and microaggresions
  • Developed EDI in the Union and the University
  • BAME Ambassadors have attended activist training, roundtable discussions with Universities UK and NUS as well as attended several other conferences
  • BBC Short Stories feature on ‘How I learn to love my skin colour’
  • Won 'Campaign of the Year' at the SU Awards
  • Won Students' Union of the year at the NUS Black Students' Conference
  • Shortlisted for Campaign and representation award at the NUS awards

That is just a few highlights, there is many more, including the BAME Ambassadors holding their own conference - HSU's perspective on tackling the BAME Attainment Gap, which saw over 50 Student Unions attend.

Applications to be a BAME Ambassador are now open, if you identify as a student of Black, Asian, Arab or another Minority Ethnicity (BAME) and would like to get involved, or if you have any questions, please email Raph