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Closing the Gap
BAME Ambassadors

Welcome to the BAME Ambassador homepage. Here you will be able to learn more about our the work our BAME ambassadors do on a daily basis. If you are an ambassador, you will find all the tools and support you need to be effective in your role!

You will also find the tracker on this page. Keeping track of your activities as a BAME Ambassador is important. We can share information from the tracker about updates of changes, express any issues that might need support from the Students' Union and see what needs changing. All information shared is not strictly confidential, as we may look to action your comments.


Contact a BAME Ambassador

BAME Ambassadors are volunteers. They offer their time to the scheme to run campaigns, challenge the curriculum and ensure equality on campus for BAME students. If you would like to request an opportunity for a BAME ambassador to talk to you, run a project or support you to diversify your curriculum then please contact Raphaella Ward (