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Your Christmas Stay-Safe Guide!

Monday 16-12-2019 - 15:25
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Christmas is around the corner and we’re all happy to be taking a short break for the holidays! Unfortunately, that means that the Advice Centre will be shut from Friday 20th December until Thursday 3 January, so here’s a quick guide to staying safe over the holiday season. Think of us as your mum-friend!

Did you know you can pick up STD testing kits and condoms from the Advice Centre for free? Nobody really likes talking about sexual health but everything is kept confidential. If you’re based in West Yorkshire, you can head over to Locala while we’re not open, find your nearest branch here. Just ensure you’re being open and honest with your partner(s) and look after yourself and your health. After all, even though it’s the season of giving, STDs make for terrible Christmas presents…

It’s the time of year where everyone is going out and getting into the festive spirit, but sometimes a night can start out great but end sort-of not-so-great. If you’re feeling threatened or are in an unsafe situation at a bar or club, you can “Ask for Angela” at the bar. This alerts the staff that something isn’t quite right and they can call you a taxi home. 

If you need a ride and you’re out of cash or stranded, we’ve partnered up with some taxi companies to provide a Safe Taxi Policy. You can get in touch with GT Taxis, A1 Taxis or X Service Taxis, give them your Student ID and your ride will be free. We’ll pick up the bill and you can pay us back later (see, totally your mum-friend). 

We hope you have a lovely (and safe!) Christmas break and come back healthy and happy, ready for our show-stopping Welcome to Term 2!



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