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Will you be running in the NUS Liberation Elections?

Tuesday 12-11-2019 - 14:22
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The Student Networks Elections are coming up and you could represent Huddersfield students nationally! This is a good way of getting different minorities student voice heard and represented nationally. As an NUS Liberation delegate, you will also get to work with me your Equalities Officer to continue to represent the voice of your network group in the union and the university. Feel free to email me or walk up to me if you have any questions on the student network election.

What are the Student Network Elections?

The student network elections run each year to elect one member from each student network; BAME Ambassadors, Disabled Students’ Network, LGBT+ Network and Women’s network, to represent the students within those networks, nationally. If you are elected then you get the chance to create national change for students and meet activists from across the country at the National Union of Students (NUS) Liberation Conference.

What is the National Union of Students (NUS) Liberation Conference?

The NUS Liberation Conference brings together activists from across the UK to build campaigns, make policy and discuss issues affecting students from Liberation groups. The Conference is used to discuss policy, hold Officers to account and hold elections.

The NUS Liberation campaigns support and fights for the rights of Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students. Each of the campaigns is represented at the Conference with space for attendees to discuss matters relevant to members from the Liberation groups.

Who can run in the student network elections and what are the positions?

Any member of the following networks can run in these elections for the following delegate position:

BAME Ambassadors - Black* Students Delegate

Disabled Students Network Members - Disabled Students Delegate

LGBT+ Network Members - LGBT+ Delegate & Trans Delegate

Women’s Network Members - Women’s Delegate

To attend this conference and represent students, you will have to be elected by your relevant network at Huddersfield Students’ Union and be a member of that network. We do this because it allows us to be more representative of student views. For example, it means we only have students who identify as women, voting and passing motions on women’s issues and elect individuals that identify into that network.

Not a member of the networks but want to run in the student network elections? Click the links above to sign up.

Deadlines for liberation conference delegates

Some dates that you might want to know:

Nominations open: 6 November 2019 at 12 midday

Nominations close: 18 November 2019 at 12 midday

Candidate briefing: 19 November 2019

Voting opens: 19 November 2019 at 12 midday

Voting closes: 21 November 2019

Results announced: 26 November 2019 at the Students’ Union Annual General Meeting. (link to AGM)

*The term ‘Black’ is used to refer to African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean people and those who self-define as Black.



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