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Who's going to be your next Officer Team?

Saturday 06-03-2021 - 19:43

Last week, you voted for who you wanted to see lead your Students' Union next year. Over 1800 of you had your say and voted for positive change for your education, wellbeing and future. On Thursday, we found out who you elected at our first ever virtual Results Night. It was one hour of intense finger crossing for all of our brilliant candidates and in the end, we had elected 4 NUS Delegegates and 5 full-time Officers, all of whom will be starting in July and working to represent you. 

We are proud to announce that are four NUS Delegates are: Bhavana, Lawrence, Dominic and Emily! The four of them will be attending the next NUS summit to speak on your behalf on a national level. 

As for our Officer Team, this year we will be welcoming a fully female lineup! It will consist of Meg (Activities), Chidochemoyo (Equalities), Sadaf (Community), Millie (Education) and Nat (President). All five of them were thrilled to be elected and here is what they had to say...

Meg (Activities) has said:

"I don’t think it’s properly sunk in yet; I can’t quite believe that many people voted for me! Very excited to take over Lucy’s position and continue the fantastic work she’s done over the past two years!"

Millie (Education) has said:

"Gosh I don’t even know where to start I am so overwhelmed and amazed I can’t believe it! I keep checking to make sure I haven’t just imagined it! I am so so grateful for everyone who has supported and believed in me! Me and my mum were sat watching feeling sick with nerves so this is just the most amazing feeling I can’t even put it into words. I have had the most amazing time campaign and ‘met’ some truly amazing people and I am so proud and excited to work alongside some amazing women as our first ever all women’s Officer team! Thank you so much!"

Sadaf (Community) has said:

"I’m so overwhelmed I still can’t believe I’ll be your Community Officer for 2021! I’m so so thankful for every individual that took the time out of their day to vote in the elections! Well done to all the candidates you’ve all made amazing campaigns given the circumstances. I cannot wait to start my role as your Community Officer!"

Chido (Equalities) has said: 

"Thank you to everyone who voted, even if it wasn't for me it shows that you all wanted your voices to be heard and so I'm going to do my best and honest part and your equalities officer to make sure you're ALL heard. So let's together go out there and be the change we want to see. Really excited to be working with you all. P.S. Feel free to approach, online or in person (following the social distancing rules of course)."

Nat (President) has said:

"I’m over the moon to be your next President. Hard work pays off after all I’m so excited to get started and create positive meaningful change that is based on YOU! Next year is gonna be a good one."

We can't wait to see what the five of them achieve over the next year!

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