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Whatever word you use, it could be cheating - Check it!

Friday 05-04-2019 - 09:16
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Do you know what ghosting means, or how to reference properly, or even that you can self-plagiarise? I want to make sure that every student here at Huddersfield understands the importance of academic integrity, and how to make sure you don’t fall foul of the University guidelines.


Usually, when academic integrity is mentioned, many students think ‘that won’t happen to me’, however, believe me when I tell you that it can happen to anyone, please take this seriously.

Why you may ask, because if you flunk it in this area, it could cost you a fortune. Breaking University regulations around this is taken very seriously and could cost you the following even if it is your first offence;

  • £10,000+ as an International student
  • £9,000+ as a Home or EU student

And that doesn’t include the distress, disappointment, regret and the “had I known” soul searching. In addition to this, it could affect your degree classification, chances to go on to further study and career prospects. There are literally thousands of students with a degree, having one with a record of cheating, means your application ends up on the NO PILE!


I have been working on this as a project during the past year to ensure you are properly educated and supported to avoid this, sometimes rather confusing, pitfall. These are just a few things you have to know about academic integrity, please watch and guard very carefully against them:



This is passing another person’s piece of work as though it was your own. Simply put, when you copy and paste things from journals, articles, publications or elsewhere online, without putting them in your own words and without making reference to the original author.


Ghosting/Contract Cheating

When you let a friend do your academic work for you (sometimes perceived as help). Sadly, for a few, this is when you pay someone else to do your work or buy assignments online.  


Exam cheating

This is when you go against exam regulations during exams like copying, asking for answers from your neighbour, taking tiny hidden notes along, having your phone on you etc. 



This is when you do group work together and submit exactly the same thing as other group members. Although you work together, you are supposed to report independently. Remember 10 witnesses to an event cannot tell the same story in exact same words. It is nearly 100% impossible.


Failure to safeguard

This could be as simple as giving your previously submitted work to friends to help them when they are to do the same work at a later time. If that work is passed off partly or mostly, you would be seen to have aided cheating. You can give guidelines and structure to aid, but never hand your entire work over.


The truth is, whatever word you use, depending on the scale, the University sees it as cheating. You might be up against it, deadlines looming, but don’t take a shortcut and cheat thinking you won’t get caught; YOU WILL! Rather seek advice, go to our Advice Centre in Student Central, ask them about extensions, academic skills and extenuating circumstances. It’s better off to ask for help, rather than end up with poor marks and a whole load of unexpected costs. Remember every single degree gotten through cheating from this University undermines your degree and mine and also puts the reputation of this University at stake.


One sad part of my job is sitting on Academic Integrity Panels. The last thing you want is to be found facing this panel. I’ve seen many cry, disappointed, in regret and absolutely sorry for their mistake and still get penalised.


If you don’t understand how to reference, or you’re worried about how to submit group work you can talk to your Personal Academic Tutor, or use the University’s Back on Track Service.


Join me and let’s raise awareness to educate students around this topic, to discourage cheating, change the negative culture around this and encourage academic best practices. We are built for great things, let’s work together and do things right.

Remember, your Education is my dedication. If it bothers you, it bothers me. Please spread the word.


Emmanuel Haruna

Education Officer


Education Officer Blog

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