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Viltare Repsyte: how I'm making changes through the IFL programme

Friday 18-01-2019 - 16:56
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Hello, my name is Viltare Repsyte and this is how I'm making student life better through my work with the Inspiring Future Leader programme.

I am an international student from Lithuania studying Drama because theatre and the arts are my biggest passion, another great passion of mine is helping other people which is probably why I want to be a drama therapist when I graduate. I am doing the Inspiring Future Leaders (IFL) programme because I like taking initiative and helping other people. The IFL programme allows people to engage in many ways with the University and of course, help to make change with the support of the SU. For me, one of the most interesting projects presented was Peer Mentoring because I feel like it's an amazing thing because everyone can use a little help from time to time. I find that people often think reaching out for help is admitting that you're not capable of doing something by yourself, while actually, I believe that two heads are always better than one. I believe it is easier to reach out to a peer who's been here a year longer than a year because chances are that a second or third-year student has faced most of the problems that a first-year may face. So to put it simply, I am doing this IFL project because I want to help to establish support system by students for students and make life at the University of Huddersfield a bit easier and more welcoming for newcomers. 

The Peer Mentoring scheme was launched at the start of this academic year and aims to bring students together to support one another within the same course or across courses at University. Some people feel that being assigned a mentor is a negative thing, this misconception has arisen because when in school, mentors are usually assigned to students who are struggling. However, this Peer Mentoring scheme is created to cater to more than just for those who are struggling; it is a scheme where students can get together and share their experiences at University regarding their assignments, extracurricular activities and any other aspect of student life.

There are many benefits to be gained from having a mentor. To begin with, it helps you with settling into university life. It gives you access to the best and effective study tips. It creates a safe space where questions and worries are acknowledged, taken seriously and are kept confidential between mentor and mentee. Participating in the Peer Mentoring scheme guarantees you a new friend, opens a gateway for networking and helps to increase your social and academic confidence. Furthermore, it helps to develop communication, teamwork, collaborative, personal and problem-solving skills. You have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences while getting support, encouragement and practical advice. You can also benefit from identifying your goals and establishing a sense of direction throughout the year, develop strategies on tackling various issues and finally, becoming empowered to make your own decisions.

If you feel like you want to achieve all these great things during your university life by working with a peer who has been where you are, you can find out more and sign up through the button below!



Interested in being a mentor? You could even get nominated for one of our fantastic Peer Mentoring Awards! Find out more here.

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