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Update on No Detriment Policy 14.01.21

Tuesday 12-01-2021 - 14:52
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Over the Christmas break, you made it clear to us that you wanted the University to support you through a no detriment (safety net) policy.

We met with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Teaching and Learning on Tuesday morning and brought this forward. The University has explained that the safety net policy used last academic year cannot be reinstated for the current year but instead, has created a new ‘Grade Safety Policy’ for 2020-2021. This new policy ensures taught students are not disadvantaged in terms of module marks. What this policy means is that the University will compare this year’s module marks with previous years’ module marks, and if they are significantly different then module marks will be adjusted before the Course Assessment Boards take place. This is a new policy that was approved today by the University – please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, and feedback. The University have updated their webpages with the new policy, you can find the FAQs online.

We know lots of you are struggling with your assessments and practical elements of your course, as well as lacking appropriate workspace or WIFI issues that all contribute to low mental health. There are some practical things that you can do now to get support and help you through the next two terms:






There are some issues that are course-specific that may need extra support to be resolved – please contact Tom the Education Officer at 

The Advice Centre is an impartial SU service that is separate from the University. They can help you with ECs, Access to Learning Fund applications, complaints, and many other things. You can find their main page here:

The University Wellbeing and Counselling teams are still working online, please do reach out to them for additional support.


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