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The dangers of fake Freshers’ pages

Thursday 25-07-2019 - 13:53
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Whether you’re a new student or returning from the holidays, I know you’re all so excited for WELCOME FESTIVAL! Previously known as “Freshers’ Festival”, Welcome Festival has events for everyone – including mature students, postgraduates and student parents. It’s important that everyone can join in on the Welcome Festival fun!

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed fake Freshers’ pages and groups popping up – and we know they’re fake because they don’t feature our Huddersfield Students’ Union branding and they aren’t featured on our website. 

Fake Freshers’ pages are often owned by companies who want to advertise their events or products to you, so stay hidden behind a page making you think you’ll meet new friends, but really they’re bombarding you with irrelevant posts! These pages can also sell tickets to events that aren’t approved by us, which may end up being badly planned or completely non-existent. If you buy a ticket to one of these fake events, you’ll potentially lose your cash :( and there is nothing we can do to help!

There’s also a chance these pages could be owned by scammers aiming to collect your personal data, flat numbers or email addresses which could be used in criminal activity. Once you ‘like’ these pages, scammers can see more of your profile information, putting yourself and your friends at risk. 

So, how do you know if what you’re seeing is official? You can find our official Facebook group at Make sure you look out for our logo, our signature pink, or look visit for everything you need to know about Welcome Festival! The full line-up will be released on results day but if you sign up to our mailing list you’ll be the first to hear about everything that’s going on this September!



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