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SU Awards 2019 Winners!

Thursday 04-04-2019 - 13:45
Suawards blog

Over 200 members of the HSU Community joined us last night to recognise their collective hard work in our beautiful midnight garden themed SU Awards. We had beautiful decorations, fantastic food from Huddersfood and a great performance from the Cheerleading Club during the break. It was a great chance for all members of the HSU Community, from Sports Clubs and Societies, to Academic Reps and Campaign Groups to all get-together in an evening of celebration and fun.

We had over 250 nominations this year which in itself is amazing and we were completely blown away by the incredible detail put into them! I'd like to congratulate all of the nominees, those shortlisted and the winners for your achievements and to encourage you all to keep up the hard work so we together we can keep making student life better. We've had schamazing year so far, and last night was a way to recognise all that we've achieved but I know that it's far from over! In term 3, alongside more fantastic student-led events, I'm really looking forward to Huddersfield Pride - a town-wide Pride organised by Huddersfield Students' Union working in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Community on campus. Of course, term 3 also brings exam season and graduations and from all of us here in the HSU Communtiy, I'd like to wish all of you the best of luck!

I hope all who came had a great evening and for those of you that didn’t make it check out our photo album to see highlights from the night!


Take a look at this years’ SU Awards Winners 2019:

The Students' Union Student Staff Member of the Year

Winner: Alex Beldea

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Max Andrews
  • Sophie Knapman
  • Antonia Nita
  • Tristan Smith


The Varsity Award

Winner: Women's Football

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Netball
  • Women's Rugby Union Club


Most Engaged Academic Rep of the Year

Winner: Laura Guerin

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Paul Barrows
  • Lorraine Muir
  • Amelia Norris


Academic Rep Award for Excellence in Communication

Winner: Craig Dominique-Smith

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Lorraine Muir
  • Abbi Senior


Peer Mentor Award

Winner: Tino Knight

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Bogdan Baciläƒ
  • Salwa Podvorica


Most Improved Sports Club of the Year

Winner: Women's Rugby Union Club

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Archery Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Netball Club


Most Improved Society of the Year

Winner: Non-League Society

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • First Love Society
  • LGBTQ+ Society
  • T'Hud
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Society


Most Improved Academic Society of the Year

Winner: Childhood Studies Society

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Art Society
  • Economics Society
  • Engineering Society
  • Transport Society


Event of the Year

Winner: Vivit Autopsy - Bioscience Society

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • A Day in the Life of BAME Students - BAME Ambassadors
  • Allah Love Equality Film Screening - LGBTQ+ Society
  • Double D - Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Youth in Democracy Debate
  • Adesewa Adebisi


Women In Leadership Awards

Awarded to: 

  • Adesewa Adebisi
  • Mariam Aigbe
  • Iqra Anjam
  • Syaza Nazura Binti Noor Azmi
  • Scarlett Black
  • Chloe Dickinson
  • Isabel Gatenby
  • Franchesca Idle
  • Isabella Lowell
  • Elisa Lubrini
  • Nurin Qasrena Binti Mushahar
  • Antonia Nita
  • Chloe Parkes
  • Amy Charlotte Pickard
  • Humera Shabir
  • Desiree Payton Shaw
  • Abigail Erin Walker
  • Annalise Wilson
  • Bethany Woodcock


Bame Ambassador Award

Winner: Mariam Aigbe

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Adesewa Adebisi
  • Kiran Firdos
  • Gavin Leung
  • Chloe Parkes
  • Sophie Patel
  • Shekera Rowe
  • Desiree Shaw
  • Umayyah Zaman


LGBTQ+ Campaigner of the Year

Winner: Tristan Smith


Disabled Students Campaigner of the Year

Winner: Amelia Norris

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Abbi Senior


Campaigner of the Year

Winner: Kiran Firdos

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Adesewa Adebisi
  • Mariam Aigbe
  • Tristan Smith
  • Sam Tate


Campaign of the Year

Winner: Broaden My Bookshelf - BAME Ambassadors

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • #ThisIsNotConsent - Lucy Clarke
  • A History of Blood - LGBTQ+ Campaign Network Group and LGBTQ+ Society
  • Greener Campus - Sam Tate
  • Trans Equality - Tristan Smith
  • World Hijab Day - BAME Ambassadors
  • Youth in Democracy - Adesewa Adebisi


Society of the Year

Winner: Drama Society

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • 3D Printing Society
  • Christian Union Society
  • Enterprise Society


Sports Club of the Year

Winner: Cheerleading Club

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Badminton Club
  • Netball Club
  • Women's Rugby Union Club


Academic Rep of the Year

Winner: Matt Bunby

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Craig Dominique-Smith
  • Charlie Woolridge


Academic Society of the Year

Winner: Architecture Society

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Bioscience Society
  • Childhood Studies Society


Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union

Winner: Antonia Nita

Congratulations to the Shortlisted:

  • Tristan Smith
  • Sam Tate


Jonathan Stephen



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