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Religious Observation and exams: Ramadan just ahead

Thursday 25-04-2019 - 11:09
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There are so many different students on campus; and whether you are observing Lent, celebrating Diwali or are fasting during Ramadan, it’s important that we support you during your studies. I’ve been improving support for students during exams, to ensure there is enough support whenever religious observations may coincide with exams or critical assessment periods and also raising awareness of the support available.

A few examples of religious observations are Ramadan (Islam), Lent (Christian), Diwali (Hindu), Guru Nanak Jayanti (Sikh), Pesach/Passover (Jewish), Vesak (Buddhist) etc.

I want to remind and help you to understand the regulations around exams. Particularly this year, we are aware that Ramadan is almost here and you might be worried about exams coming up.

It’s not possible to amend the University’s academic calendar to suit all religious practices, however, the University understands that these observances, especially when they include fasting, may affect your performance in exams and assessments.

Please note the following;

  • If you know that fasting during Ramadan will in any way affect your performance in the exams, please fill in the Religious Observance Notification Form no later than 5 days before the exams (this form also applies to coursework deadlines). By doing this you can request to sit the exam in the next scheduled examination period (e.g. in the July re-sit period for exams scheduled in May).
  • Any claims for Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) after sitting for an exam are unlikely to be considered because according to the University’s ‘fit to sit policy’, you have confirmed that you are fit and well enough to take that exam.
  • Guidance for students seeking any such ECs claims can be found here
  • During Ramadan, the Faith Centre on campus is open 24 hours a day to allow you to pray at whatever time you need

As time goes on I will pass and share any further information that would be useful and helpful as things develop.

For further guidance regarding this topic please contact our Advice Centre.

I’ll keep doing what we do best to make students’ lives better. Please spread the word as it may be of help to someone.

Remember, your Education is my dedication, if it bothers you, it bothers me. Good luck with your all your exams.



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