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President Blog: Educating Kirklees

Thursday 14-03-2019 - 17:06
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So far this year we’ve been working with a whole load of projects to get young people across Kirklees more engaged in democracy.  We’ve helped our student population attend key political marches, hosted and taken part in Common Sense Network debates.  We’ve become an independent commissioner for Kirklees Youth Council, as well as partnering with members of the wider council to really emphasise the importance of uniting young people.

After lots of events and council meetings, including meetings with Huddersfield’s MP, we’re proud to be hosting ‘Educating Kirklees’ – a conference which will put young people at the centre of the conversation.  It’s all about finding out what we can do to get young people in Kirklees more involved and, more importantly, how we can develop as a Students’ Union to better support them when they come to university.

Our own Academic Reps from Huddersfield Students’ Union will be meeting with student representatives from Kirklees College, Greenhead College and Huddersfield New College – potential future students at the University of Huddersfield – to discuss how we can make Huddersfield a better place for young people.

I’m also excited that we’ll be welcoming some external guests… including one of our previous SU Presidents here at Huddersfield Students’ Union, Nosheen Dad, who is now a councillor for Dewsbury!

I can’t wait for our Academic Reps to welcome potential future University of Huddersfield students, and work towards a better future for young people in Kirklees.

If you’re an Academic Rep, we’d love you to attend this event.  If you’re not, please encourage your Reps to!

Find out more here.


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