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Officer Statement on a No Detriment (Safety-Net) Policy 07/01/2021

Thursday 07-01-2021 - 11:42
Su officers

Before Christmas, a Big Idea went live to mandate the Students’ Union to push the University to ‘Reinstate the 2019/2020 No Detriment (Safety-Net) Policy for 2021 Graduates’. This Big Idea is now the most voted on idea that has gone through Huddersfield Students’ Union’s democratic structures.

As an officer team, we are putting our full support behind this Big Idea. We have taken the extraordinary decision to approve the idea while it is still open due to the amount of support it has received. This means it is now Huddersfield Students’ Union policy to push the University of Huddersfield to reinstate the No Detriment (Safety-Net) Policy.

The real work starts now; we are putting together a paper using student suggestions and examples from other Universities that have already reinstated safety nets to send to the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Teaching and Learning. We hope to send this paper ASAP and we are meeting with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning next week. A key date to look out for is the University Teaching and Learning Committee (a key meeting where the safety net may be discussed) which will take place on January the 27th.

What can you do?
Vote on and share the Big Idea. More votes make a stronger case to take to the University. Vote Here
Comment on the Big Idea. Tell us what it needs to look like and what it needs to cover so that we can mould our papers and suggestions accordingly. You can also contact your officers here
Focus on your University work. A safety net in whatever form means you still have to try your best. Keep working on your assignments as best you can.
Work on solving course-based issues. A safety net in any form will only protect against the unavoidable circumstances of Covid and the new lockdown. Poor quality teaching or lack of communication still needs to be dealt with. Please speak to your Academic Rep, your Academics (Lecturers) or us at the Students’ Union to see what we can do and make a positive difference.

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