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Officer Statement of Support

Tuesday 18-05-2021 - 15:35
Su officers 12

We condemn the violence and oppression that is happening to the people in Occupied Palestinian Territories and Gaza created by the decisions of politicians in the State of Israel. We also condemn all forms or racism and want to affirm that anti-Semitism has no place in campaigns of solidarity with Palestinians. We stand in solidarity with Palestine and call for just and stable resolutions to the ongoing apartheid that seeks actions to bring peace to Palestinian and Israeli people.

We call upon the University of Huddersfield to sign the Apartheid Free Pledge to remove their current investments in all companies that are complicit in the oppression of Palestine and to continue so in the future.

We call on the UK government to hold the state of Israel to account and ensure that international law is recognised.

As a Students’ Union we are here to continue to provide support for all students at the University of Huddersfield during this difficult time. To all our Palestine students who are directly affected by the things happening in Palestine, the Students’ Union is here to listen and learn on how we can be ally to you on this. Our Advice centre continues to offer independent advice as well as well-being support to any student who is directly affected by the events in Palestine. We are here to support you!

There is no space for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or similar rhetoric in social justice activism, and it threatens to undermine decades of struggle. Your safety is our priority, and we strongly urge our students to report any incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination to the Students’ Union and the University. You can report any experiences of harassment on or off campus anonymously or not to the University through the Report and Support tool.

We understand that the history between the two states is nuanced and complex but we urge our students to educate themselves on the context of recent events in Palestine. Here are some useful resources to help:

National Union of Students Statement in Solidarity with Palestinian Liberation:

Union of Jewish Students Presidents thoughts:


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