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Officer Blog: Student Voice Conferences

Thursday 13-12-2018 - 15:53
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Never underestimate the power of collaboration!

Over the past month, our Academic Reps have been running conferences in each school throughout the University of Huddersfield, as a chance for you to give feedback directly to academics and decision-makers - and ask questions of the school and your SU.

Your Academic Reps are always there to listen, but representation is about so much more than just having someone to chat to.  It's about supporting you to make your voice heard, really dealing with the issues you and your coursemates are facing, and making your experience the best it can be.

Some of the topics covered at these conferences have included:

Our SU President, Jonathan, spoke at the conferences on behalf of the Students' Union and loved listening to all the questions and debates.  He said: "It was great chatting with everyone at the Student Voice Conferences!  The Academic Reps' hard work and dedication to im,proving the student experience is invaluable.  I received powerful feedback on how we can increase engagement with the Students' Union and ensure that each and every student knows they can access their HSU community and shape their own learning journey."

Jonathan and I, and everyone at the SU, would like to thank each and every Academic Rep who took the time to contribute to these conversations.  Every school was given direct, valuable feedback from their students - about the things that affect their experience here, their senses of identity and community, and their sense of belonging.  And we know that developments will be made based on what was talked about in those rooms!

These changes aren't always fast and may not always be immediately visible... but here at Huddersfield, change is continuous, cooperative and progressive.  Thank you to you, Huddersfield students, for expressing your opinions and being part of a powerful wave of change.  Make sure you continue to utilise your Academic Reps as an extra link between you and the University, and encourage more people to do so in the future.

Want to find out more about your Academic Reps?  Visit our Rep pages!

Emmanuel Haruna
Education Officer

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