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Officer Blog; Meet the Enactus Society

Wednesday 18-09-2019 - 10:00
President blog

Hi folks,

This year one of my objectives is ensuring you get value for money and as part of this I will be working on enterprise and entrepreneurship (organising events as well as increasing and promoting available opportunities for enterprise and entrepreneurship). In line with this, I will be working closely with the Enactus Society, supporting them with their projects and targets for the year. I will now let the Society leaders tell you about the Enactus Society.

Kierhardy Ansell (Team Leader)

Enactus is a business Society that actively runs businesses with its members to create real change in the community; if you aspire to run a business the Society is perfect for you. We are comprised up a multitude of students, some business owners, some aspiring and some looking to get experience in their desired role; whoever you may be there is a place for you. With over 69,000 annually participating students across the world, Enactus is full of contacts to make and new people to meet. Kierhardy Ansell Enactus’ President joined Enactus as he believed it was the perfect place to develop his business skills, try out ideas he would never have been able to and make a change. Similarly, Oliver Parcel the Societies Corporate Relations Executive joined to make a difference, specifically to the environment and due to his passion Enactus is now working toward this goal.

Oliver (Ollie) Parsell (Corporate Relations Executive)

Here at Enactus all ideas are looked at and considered by the full team, everyone has the opportunity to pitch something they would like to do and those chosen get actioned. With regular events, workshops and activities to do why not come try out us out and help us make a big difference. Both me and Kierhardy are now successfully running our own businesses alongside Enactus and still learning new skills each day thanks to the Society.

Emmanuel (HSU President)

Engaging and being part of Enactus is not just for, or limited to, business minds or students in any particular discipline. The skills, development, connections, perspective and horizon-widening you get at the end of engaging with this opportunity are worth every moment of your time.

To learn more about Enactus and what it can do for you tune in to a special live-stream at 12pm on 20 September or if you are interested in getting involved today, get in touch with Kierhardy (Team Leader) – or you can contact me, your SU President on


SU President


President Blog

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