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Officer Blog: Graduation 2019

Monday 01-07-2019 - 16:47
Graduation blogpost

Graduation is an exciting time of year, it's what you've all been working towards but when it arrives it can seem quite daunting! Below are some parting words from Jonathan, your SU President for 2018-19 and some motivational words from Emmanuel your new SU President 2019-20, both offer some great advice at this milestone! Both of us are lucky enough to be sharing a few words at Graduations, so look out for us over the coming weeks!

It is difficult to express the experience of graduating, and all that the special day brings. For all of us, the day is filled with excitement, worry and being photographed like the Kardashians. During graduation, we radiate the personal connection we have had with our course, academics, course mates, work colleagues, the Students’ Union and all that shapes our journey at University. It is important to remind ourselves, is that each of our routes are valuable…our unique experiences, learning, adversity, family commitments, and responsibilities are our strength…so don’t waste time following in the footsteps of someone else’s life, stay motivated in making your own story. For those of us that may not know what our next move is, whether that is postgraduate study/graduate job, don’t be afraid of not knowing, take time to decide what you want and discover your purpose - the sky is not vast enough for what lies in front of you.


SU President 2018-19

With one year gone in a flash, I can’t believe its July graduations once more. Thanks for supporting me this past year as Education Officer and for the opportunity to represent and serve this great student body as President next year. As a Union, we have enjoyed meeting and working with a wonderful set of students like yourselves. I am sure we all will miss you, that is, if you are not continuing with post-graduate degrees here .

I’m sure you’ll also agree, that your time here at Huddersfield has passed so quickly, some of you may even remember the first day you set foot on campus. It was an amazing yet very challenging journey for me, as I’m sure it was for you, but what I have learned that the tougher your challenges, the stronger you become, provided you keep on at it and never give up! The real world out there would be full of many difficulties, but think of them as opportunities to leave your contributions as footprints in the sands of time. Some days come to us only once in a lifetime. One of such days is “Graduation day”. Make the best out of it.


SU President 2019-20

If you’re unsure about any element of Graduations, we’ve created a handy guide in the form of our Graduation webpage. There you’ll find everything you need so that you can make the most out of your special day, after all you’ve worked so hard to get here – we want you to enjoy it!

As a graduate of the University of Huddersfield don’t forget, you can access the Careers and Employability service for life! They can support you with finding graduate opportunities, writing applications and interview preparation, as well as inviting you to all on-campus events. You can access all of the services online resources including MyCareer where you can book appointments to see the Careers Consultants and on to any events they are running, for more information visit the careers webpage.

Additionally, as a graduate of the university in around 15 months’ time, you will be asked about what you’re up to, whether that be further study or work, by completing the Graduate Outcomes survey. This is your chance to let the Careers team know how you are getting on after your course. Your response will help us evaluate our courses and help current and future students gain insight into the career progression of pervious students. To find out more visit the Graduate Outcomes webpage.

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