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Officer Blog: "Don't miss out... lead!"

Wednesday 06-02-2019 - 15:00

It's that time of year (again!) where we are rapidly preparing for your Students’ Union Elections! The rules are that no Officer can stand for more than two years, yes that’s right, myself and most of my fellow Officers are heading into a final few months at the Students’ Union and this year no Officer is rerunning for their current position. We've had a great time over the last two years as Officers, you can find out some of the things we've achieved here and here.

Why are the SU Elections important and could you be one of the next leaders? You'd be helping to run a multi-million-pound organisation, steering the direction and maintaining the development of a charity, plus having a lot of fun along the way!

Each year students from the University of Huddersfield nominate themselves for one of the Officer positions. There are five positions available, including President, Education, Equalities, Community and Activities Officer and they each hold a remit that ensures student feedback is acted on. It's the job of the Officers to make sure that the Students' Union continues to work towards its mission of Making Student Life Better, whether that is microwaves installed in schools, tackling the costs of washing your clothes in halls, ensuring the curriculum is inclusive, supporting student groups, and partnering with the local community to launch exciting events like Huddersfield's first ever Pride! Each Officer position has a specific area for development but Officers often work together to achieve bigger and better things!

Time is running out to get your nominations in for 2019/20, the deadline for submitting your nomination is Monday 11th February 12pm. Running for Elections is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience, not only in the campaign stages but as a member of the Board of Trustees of the SU you really do gain valuable life skills. I have gained so much experience since being elected as Education Officer and President of HSU - including negotiating with senior level staff to inform and progress teaching and learning, chairing committees, overseeing financial accounts, presenting to senior level members at the University, as well as national bodies, meeting student leaders from across the country who are actively trying to make student life better, working with local councillors and members of parliament. Each day has been filled with new opportunities, I tried to be open to all new experiences and because of this I have gained so much more than I ever could anticipate - I am also a Trustee for a mental health charity in Halifax, and have been involved in key national organisations involved in education, and importantly, a place that nurtured my identity, I wouldn't be in this position without HSU!

Still not sure if it's right for you? These positions hold an immense amount of power and you have the support from the whole HSU Community to deliver some amazing things. Here are some improvements by current and previous Officers that have made student life better:

  • Introduced lecture capture
  • Tackling the black attainment gap through the BAME Ambassadors
  • Campaigning for the crossing by Queensgate
  • Introducing a new Student Charter
  • Translating the student regulations
  • Creating a Kids Zone in the SU
  • Working on an art regeneration project in the local community
  • Extending mental health training
  • The 3-week feedback guarantee
  • Campaigning against the closure of the local hospital
  • ‘Social prescribing’ of Sports Clubs and Societies to support students with mental health difficulties
  • Allowing hot drinks in the library
  • An extension of the laptop loan scheme
  • and even more – the list is endless!

If you are interested but just want a quick chat before nominating yourself, please let me know.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the experience you gain is unreal! In the words of Raph, one of our HSU Community and former President at University of Gloucestershire Students' Union “Do me a favour, don’t miss out…lead”!

Find out more about the Elections and make your nomination here.

Jonathan Stephen




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