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Officer Blog: Can Huddersfield students solve Brexit?

Friday 22-02-2019 - 14:05
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The Common Sense Network is returning to Huddersfield, and this time we want it to be even bigger…so we need you!

I'm really pleased to be working with The Common Sense Network again after the success of the last debate in October. It was great hearing the unique views from University of Huddersfield students and having so many of our Societies and Campaign Networks involved! Why is this important? Well, we know that we may share similar opinions on some topics, and not on others, this event aims to unlock voices and views so we can better understand and support you and evolve your Students’ Union to do so.

For this to happen, we bring a range of speakers under one roof, regardless of political alignments, such as feminists, and 'menists', the political left, right and lovers of marmite and haters alike! We do this, in an attempt to find a 'common sense' (get it?) between views and to promote cross-cutting political dialogue.

While delivering these events, alongside The Common Sense Network, I have been lucky to work with Esther, a student who helps coordinate youth in democracy events and continually discovering ways in which we can create spaces for students to debate one another. Esther, is going to tell you a little more about that and why this is important….

"I believe that it is important for students to get involved in debates, especially where their own opinions and existing knowledge can be challenged. I find that students often exist in echo chambers, only listening to news and engaging in discussions that align to their own beliefs. With the rise of fake news, it is imperative that we engage in discussions that encourage differences in opinions and allow room for open-mindedness."

Debates on the night include:-

  • Brexit - Should We Have A Second Referendum of Brexit?
  • Safe Spaces – Are they progressive or detrimental?

In partnership with Labour Society, Politics Society, Conservative Society, Feminist and BAME Ambassadors


Get your tickets here



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