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Officer Blog: Advice on Exams

Friday 18-05-2018 - 09:30
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Officer Blog: Advice on Exams


So exams have started and we hope that you are all feeling positive in tackling the assessments ahead! Here at the Students’ Union, we want to support you during the exam period, and we have pulled together some helpful guidance as well as where you can access additional support.


Quiet time and preparation:

The Library is open 24/7 to make sure that you have access to the library as and when you need it. Additionally, the library offers a range of support services including HudStudy - software and training to help you learn. Including mind-mapping, accessibility software and features, and advice on managing your files. If being quiet isn’t your best way to study, why not check out our revision playlist on Spotify? It’s full of tracks as voted by you to help you keep motivated when revising.


Exam timetable and location:

Exams are running from the 8th May – 25th May 2018. All students sitting exams would have received an email to confirm your individual timetabled exam(s). You can find the main exam timetable here Exam Timetable 2018

Once you know the date and time of your exam(s), it is important to plan your journey in advance to the building. If you are unsure of what building your exam is located in, the Campus Map will support you in finding your destination. However, the excellent iPoint team (located in Student Central) and the Student Associates do a schamazing job of escorting you to where you need to go. It’s better to arrive early, rather than running the risk of being late, why not arrange to meet up with friends before to go over any last minute worries or maybe just take five to relax?


On the day:

Your examiner will provide the exam papers and paper in the exam, but you will need to bring along your student card, pen/pencil and a label-free bottle of water. However, if you have forgotten any essential stationary, the SU shop offers a range of pens/pencils. We all appreciate that exam season is a stressful time, so we have created the Ease Your Mind booklet, written by students, in partnership with us at the Students' Union, the Ease Your Mind is full of tips and tricks to help you lead a stress-free life and can be found here.


Eat, Rest & Reflect:

Make sure you get sufficient sleep, eat well and drink plenty of water to keep you feeling refreshed and as focused as possible. If you have time, going to the gym, going for a run at home, walking the dog or booking on a Yoga class, may help to refuel your mind and shake off your troubles. Even something as simple as tidying up your room could help you feel better, perhaps getting your exam timetable printed off so you can make sure to work effectively and cross them off when done!


Additional Requirements and Arrangements for Examinations:

If you have been recommended for additional requirements and arrangements for your exams then you will be contacted directly by your School/Departmental Office. Additional time and support can only be provided if you attend at the venue advised to you personally by your School/Departmental Office.

If you require exam adjustments due to a serious and long-term disability, health condition or mental health issue and Disability Services are not already aware of this, please ensure you make contact with Disability Services as soon as possible. You can contact Disability Services on or ring on +44 (0)1484 472 227.


Fit to Sit Policy:

The University operates a 'Fit to Sit Policy' for examinations - this means that by attending your examination, you are declaring yourself fit to take that assessment and any subsequent claim for an EC is unlikely to be approved. So if you are not feeling well, you should utilise the Fit to Sit policy by not attending your exam and filling out an EC form with medical evidence within five days. If you’re not sure, come and visit us at the SU Advice Centre for further information on Fit to Sit, as well as appeals and resit information.


Importantly, Good luck!

We wish you the best of luck with your exams!  If you have any feedback or suggestions on the kind of support you'd like to see around exams in future please email us at


Jonathan Stephen

Education Officer


Education Officer Blog

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