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Officer Blog: A day in the life of the Equalities Officer

Tuesday 16-01-2018 - 14:48
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Crazy – in one word! That’s the life of an Equalities Officer.

I spend a lot of time planning and working on various projects and objectives including things like starting the Student Champions and working with the University Health Centre to remove charges for medical certificates. I constantly have several tasks on the go and am always looking for new challenges by listening to your feedback.

As well as all the office-based tasks (and all those emails!) I, like the other Officers sit on lots of high-level committees in both the Students’ Union and the University, often meeting with the Vice Chancellor and other Key University Staff to discuss ways of making change on campus.  I try to be out and about talking to students around campus as often as possible, finding out what issues are important to you and how I can take them forward to make positive change.

It’s not all hard work though, I get to have an input into the big events like Freshers’ and ReFreshers’. By using your feedback from the first term we’ve added more events to our ReFreshers’ calendar to celebrate and include our international students!

Above all it’s a really is an exciting job, I enjoy meeting people and like to know what I do makes an impact to make student life better.


Bright Justice

Equalities Officer


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