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Officer Blog: A day in the life of the Community Officer

Tuesday 09-01-2018 - 09:18
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Being an elected student Officer is a once in a lifetime experience and one I would recommend to all! Since being elected I have sat on numerous committees, attended your school boards, organised an amazing Freshers’ Festival, set up a blood drive, raised hundreds of pounds for charity and even wore a lovely red dress accompanied by a bucket full of condoms!

All of the Officers have similar roles within their areas of expertise, we all sit on committees, academic integrity meetings and school boards and represent all students to make sure your student life is as fair and as brilliant as it should be.

As the Community Officer alongside the responsibility of representing you, my role is to work with the Community, that being the University, Huddersfield Town and all of Kirklees and bring them all together into University life. Whether that is Volunteering for Oxfam in Batley, hosting an event in the town centre, setting up a local business or selling cakes for charity on the SU floor, the Community Officer plays a huge part in making these things happen!

As an Officer you get the opportunity to network with other Sabbatical Officers from up and down the country, sharing ideas and projects that will make student life better for the whole of the UK, not just Huddersfield! You will hear from students you have never met before and represent the voice of everyone as an Officer, contributing to making a change to something bigger.

You have the honour of meeting and working with the Vice Chancellor of the University, performing Graduation speeches to your peers and wearing the golden hat and gown! I would encourage everyone to apply and not be scared to make your voice heard! You will love every second of it, I know I do.





Community Officer Blog

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