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Nurin: How I'm helping make change

Wednesday 19-12-2018 - 10:42
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Hello, my name is Nurin Qasrena Mushahar and this is my story.


I am the Voice Placement Assistant at Huddersfield Students’ Union. I have only been with the Students’ Union for about 3 months but it has already really impacted my life in a major way.


When I first applied for the role, I only expected to talk to students around campus and wanted to make change. However, when I got the job, it was an expectation-vs-reality moment because the Students’ Union does far more than I thought. Not just wanting to engage with students, we want to understand them, hear their voices and provide the best time and opportunities for them while they’re at University.


My role specifically, is within the Voice Team. What is Voice? We are a team in the Students’ Union that supports students, making sure their voice is heard on campus and beyond, helping with campaigning and representation including Your Big Ideas, outreach, Elections, Student Juries, campaigns and much more.


One of my major roles is being involved with the Liberation Campaign Networks which consist of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) students, LGBTQ+ students, disabled students and women students. When I was introduced to these networks of students, I was so excited because representation is so important and the Students’ Union is making it happen. Being an international student with from a BAME background, I have had issues trying to connect to my tutors, lecturers and classmates. I felt different and excluded especially when it comes to group work, I would be pushed to the “international students” group which can sometimes be hard. Getting to work with BAME Ambassadors has really been great because all of us are facing issues similar to each other and we are working hard to change the difficulties we face at university. One of the campaigns we are running is “Why is my curriculum white?” which is about wanting to diversify the selection of books in our reading lists and University Library, it also links to another one of our campaigns “Broaden My Bookshelf”.


The LGBT+, Disabled and Women’s Campaign Networks are new this year and I am very excited for students within those groups to be able to feel how liberating it is to have a network of students, and friends, that are all fighting for and working towards the same things. We recently had gathering sessions for each of the Liberation Campaign Networks and we’ve heard your stories. These Campaign Networks are constantly trying to make change and ensure representation. This is why elections for NUS Liberation Conference Delegates will now be run within these Campaign Networks, to ensure that those who identify as part of each community, have the opportunity to vote for the person they want to represent them. If you want to run for a delegate position or vote for the person who represents you on a national level, then join the campaign networks here.



This is the time for us to step up make a change.


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