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MyHud - Why didn’t I use my student hub until now?

Friday 01-11-2019 - 14:00
Student produced blog post


Hi, I am Enejan and I'm from Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. I am currently on a one-year placement working with Computing and Library Services as a Web Assistant. There are many things I love about the University of Huddersfield and in particular their attention to student engagement and satisfaction. The University staff support students in every way possible, with help regarding studies, career plans, health and wellbeing, and so much more. Now, the newly improved online student hub, called MyHud is yet another great way they are supporting us 24/7.

Why use MyHud?

MyHud was designed around student feedback, keeping our needs in mind which is great. Last year, I (and probably most of you too) used it only to check my emails, attendance, and perhaps sometimes to access Brightspace and Summon. I wasn’t really aware of most of the student resources available there. Lots of things were hardly noticeable with tiny links and it was not easy to use on my phone or tablet.

I personally love how my timetable is now on my homepage as I check it quite often (if not always). The clean interface and big icons make it very easy to find and navigate through pages. It is also convenient to see my print credit balance as soon as I log in, where I can also buy credits. My account has all of the resources related to studying and living in Huddersfield as an international student, including visas which makes it less frustrating for me to find the information I need quickly.

Considering the final year projects and assignments that I know are coming and that I worry about, I’m sure I will be using Summon and the new section ‘Study Tools’ a lot. Although I’ve been using Summon for a while now, I only started using Study Tools on MyHud only a few weeks ago where I found free online courses to improve my technical skills. It’s very helpful and a great resource to find guides, tools, free online courses and training, as well as my Academic Tutors who help me (and I don’t know why I haven’t noticed it until now).

I know final year students will also benefit from the new section 'Graduation and Beyond'; graduation information, career opportunities, and postgraduate courses for further education. Overall, MyHud has everything to make student life easier with all the resources available and simple yet nice design.


Enejan Bendova 

Web Assistant Placement Student


Student Produced Blog

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