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Huddersfield Town partnership Renewed

Wednesday 24-10-2018 - 16:46
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Guess what!  Our awesome partnership with Huddersfield Town Association Football Club is continuing into 2018-19!  We’re especially excited about this because of what it means for you all…

“This partnership is great and has opened up opportunities for all students – those who are local and support Huddersfield Town, and those who may have come from further afield,” says Jake Rodgers, our Activities Officer, “as well as our growing international community who get to experience Premier League football during a historic time for the local area and for Huddersfield Town.”

Check out some of the benefits we’re getting giddy about:


Discounted tickets

As a student with the University of Huddersfield, you’re entitled to discounts and deals on Huddersfield Town Premier League home games!

The way it’s working this year is slightly different.  You won’t be able to buy your tickets directly from the SU front desk in Student Central, but you can still claim your student discount as long as you buy in advance from the box office at the John Smith’s Stadium.

Don’t forget your Student ID!  You’ll also need to show it, along with your ticket, when you’re entering the game at the turnstiles.

Some of Huddersfield Town’s most in-demand games (against the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal etc.) unfortunately won’t be discounted due to the sheer demand on tickets.  But you can get access to extra deals by signing up for a Terrier Membership – just email!


Give It A Go

We have a fantastic programme of Give It A Go events running all year round, giving you the opportunity to try new things and enjoy new experiences.

As our official partners, Huddersfield Town will be helping us develop more awesome Give It A Go events this year.  So watch this space – or rather, watch our social media (@HuddersfieldSU) and events page for updates!


Exclusive access for student media

Interested in journalism, film, photography or radio?  Our student media and related Societies, including HudMotion, have exclusive access to post-match interviews.

This is an awesome opportunity to put your skills into practice and, if you fancy a career in media, get some really cool experience on your CV.


Want to know more about our partnership with Huddersfield Town?  Email Jake, your Activities, to find out more.


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