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Exec Blog: Vote on Lecture Capture

Thursday 26-05-2016 - 11:09
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Hey everyone,

In this blog I'll discuss the positive impacts that 'lecture capture' will have on students if implemented at the University of Huddersfield.

Lecture capture is the recording of lectures (audio and visual) – providing a study-aid for our students by helping accommodate different learning styles, helping students who don't have English as their first language, and assisting those who have specific educational needs. 

Recordings of lectures will enable students to access lectures as often as is required in their own time in order to maximise clarity and understanding alongside the option to revisit material, the importance of which becomes apparent when doing revision or coursework.

Student representatives at the University of Huddersfield have clearly stated that when discussing lecture capture with their peers, they fee; that lecture capture will hugely benefit them as "it’s always little extra bits" that get missed in notes; things which aren't essential knowledge, but provide context you simply don't get with the current system. Students have also highlighted that it would useful as sometimes students find themselves struggling to keep up with the note taking, special learning difficulty students reiterating this point. 

Students also believe that lecture capture is useful as it allows you to revisit the lecture in your own time and catch up on things you may have missed if you were ill or unable to attend, going on to state that “...this is a great service, especially for those who require more assistance due to specific learning difficulties.”

Lecture capture is set to be implemented in September 2016 – however, a number of academics are attempting to block this supporting service for students for a number of reasons (eg. on the grounds that they believe they should have performance rights or copyright). This is absolutely disgusting.

They have also recently produced a survey where they are speaking 'on behalf of students' stating that “students do not want lecture capture”, but I think they’ll find that it’s the Students’ Unions job to articulate student views, and students have told us time and time again that lecture capture is wanted and will enhance their learning.

So long story short, a handful of academics are doing my job, telling me what students want (without actually asking you!).

Some might argue what they are concerned about is them being recorded, which to some degree I can understand. However, if this service is going to improve students’ academic success and satisfaction, surely this shouldn’t be an issue and should have been implemented years ago as and when other universities implemented this service?

I find it hard to believe that people working in the higher education sector with the sole purpose of helping students progress in their academic career would be so against something that will not only help students to achieve higher grades, but support students who otherwise would be unable to complete their degree, or would have a poor student experience while they are here at Huddersfield.

Some are concerned that lecture capture will be used as a monitoring method and used for appraisal and disciplinary, but lecturers should be great at what they do, and if they’re not, that’s a problem that should be addressed as it's what our students are paying for. 

I urge all our students to stand together in solidarity – VOTE 'Yes' to implementing lecture capture this September.

Speak up to your lecturers, tell them what would help you to get the best out of your degree and if you’re a Course Rep, speak up at your Student Panels, your School Teaching and Learning Committees, and make sure your voices are heard loud and clear!



VP Education



To respond to concerns raised on social media

When I used the descriptive “disgusting”. I didn’t mean to be interpreted in the way which it has by some. I do not think lecturers are disgusting (mine were great!!) what I meant by stating “This is absolutely disgusting” is the situation, the process, the frustration and the lack of openness to communication to find solutions to problems. Lecture Capture had been communicated by the University though their committee structures, alongside a drop in Q&A session in each and every school. A representative from each School also sits on the University Teaching and Learning Committee where the Lecture Capture Policy was approved. Alongside this, UCU (University Staff Trade Union) have been vocal in their opposition to Lecture Capture and have recently released their research paper based on staff opinion contradicting committee approval.

So that’s why the Students’ Union has opened the voting process to get a definitive answer to clarify whether students want Lecture Capture.

A Q&A is also available on our website, for anyone with any questions:, if you feel as though your questions have not been addressed through our Q&A, please fill in the google form and we will get back to you.

PS. Please make sure you all vote. Make sure your voices are heard and make sure you all have a say on “Your Big Vote, Lecture Capture”.

PPS. Please leave any additional comments below if you have thoughts on this issue, thank you!

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