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EXEC BLOG: Just Keep Winning

Friday 12-12-2014 - 11:51
Exec blog website michael

Ey up guys, it's been a busy few weeks in the run up to the end of term so I thought it'd be great to end the year with a quick blog about some big wins I’ve achieved for students over the past month.

Oh and there's a cheeky announcement in there as well. Enjoy.


Educating Huddersfield

Wins after wins. The event was an incredible success and all that attended would agree that it was a truly inspiring day. At the event we were getting a stream of wins for students:

• WIN! Free coffee vouchers for over 100 course reps to take their lecturer out for a coffee to discuss issues and best practice. Everyone who attended the conference will automatically get one to discuss implementation of best practice discussed at the day.

• WIN! Thirty student reps took a picture with one change they would make on their course in light of the conference – Even Pro Vice Chancellor (PVC) Tim Thornton agreed to a photo.

• WIN! Our student speaker got a job as a public speaker for their school in light of the conference.

• WIN! A course rep spoke to the PVC Tim Thornton about issues which he is personally chasing up.

Post Graduate Funding

The government announced that there would be an increase in funding for post graduate courses across the UK. I immediately did my research and got onto our Deputy Vice Chancellor and NUS, raising all the issues and potential pit falls with the scheme and ensuring we make it effective for students in 2016. WIN!

Quality Standards Advisory Group (QSAG) 

More wins. As part of my remit I sit on a committee that ensures the quality of teaching provision meets student requirements at the University.

• I ensured that the library reduced the 90 minute inactivity log off time to 20 minutes, ensuring that more computers are available. They will also look into making sure this doesn’t log you off when you’re watching a video, and there is a countdown clock implemented. WIN!

On Monday there was a policy passed at our Union Council that mandated me to look at issues surrounding implementation of policy in course handbooks that makes it clear what protocol to follow when systems go down.

• At QSAG I raised the issue and ensured that this was implemented into the course handbooks and that there needs to be more awareness when this happens. So computing and library services agreed to go back and look at potentially sending out a mass text message and utilising social media to spread the message as opposed to just email, which people can’t access when the system is down. DOUBLE WIN!!! Motion on Monday, dealt with on Thursday.

I have also secured a seat on the Timetable Strategy Group, which will enable me to take all timetable and room capacity issues directly to the people who can address and change them and centralise all student concerns. More WINS!

The Announcement

Finally the big announcement which I’m sure you have all been desperate to hear is that on Wednesday 25 February 2015 I will officially be relinquishing my role as VP Education to a much more qualified candidate for one day.

Pro Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Professor Tim Thornton, will be doing my job for the day. Oh yeah, to note this also means that I will be the PVC for a day.

This means that I will be sat in a suit at a desk making serious decisions on about the University and Tim will be out and about doing all kinds of Exec things, candy floss from Tim anyone? WIN!!!

That’s 10 wins in as many days... And why I love my job!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Mike McGougan

VP Education 

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